Holler: Vikings are who we thought they were

Without Adrian Peterson’s big-play propensity, the Vikings have won the games they should and lost the games they were predicted to drop.

There’s a phrase players use to discount a question being asked of them about a challenge or a struggle. “It is what it is.”

Coaching laureate Dennis Green put it even more succinctly when he angrily said, “They are who we thought they were.”

As it pertains to the Vikings 2014 season, it is what it is and they are who we thought they were.

Perhaps in no season has a Vikings team lived up to growing-pains expectations as the 2014 Vikings have. Right now, they sit at 5-7. Because of a schism, if you will, between the playoff contenders and those playing out the final four games of the season, the Vikings can realistically start making plans as of Dec. 29. Even if they run the table, 9-7 won’t get it done.

But if you look back at the schedule they’ve played, it’s hard not to find a reason to expect that the Vikings should be 5-7.

It is what it is. They are who we thought they were.

It should be noted that the 2014 season would likely be very different if Adrian Peterson was playing, but, as we’ve heard before, it is what it is.

What we’ve seen through the ups, the downs and the injuries is a Vikings team that beat those they should and lost to those they should.

Eleven games have been played. Eleven results could have been predicted.

Week 1 at St. Louis – The Vikings steamroll the Rams and win one for the Zimmer.

Week 2 vs. New England – Tom Brady doesn’t start 0-2. It’s not in his DNA.

Week 3 at New Orleans – The Vikings don’t have a good history in the Big Easy and Drew Brees reminded them of that.

Week 4 vs. Atlanta – The Falcons only wins are either at home or against NFC South teams. The Vikings were neither.

Week 5 at Green Bay – Lambeau is a bigger house of horrors than the Superdome.

Week 6 vs. Detroit – The Lions were getting headlines for their defense. They got more after holding the Vikings to three points.

Week 7 at Buffalo – The only game that could be contested among the games to date. The Vikings had the game won, but a hurry-up desperation drive paid off with one second left. It was what it was.

Week 8 at Tampa Bay – Teams from the NFC South find ways to lose. That’s always a good thing for a road team.

Week 9 vs. Washington – Karma has it in for Daniel Snyder and rightfully so. People questioned pushing RG3 back too soon before the bye week. Now he’s on the bench, due in part to losing his return game.

Week 11 at Chicago – Soldier Field is rarely kind to the Vikings and wasn’t again.

Week 12 vs. Green Bay – The Vikings played the Packers tough, but Rodgers got his discount double-check.

Week 13 vs. Carolina – The Panthers put in another offensively-challenged performance in the cold on the road.

With four games to play, the Vikings season is what it is and they are who we thought they were. The only question remaining is what do we think of the Jets, Lions, Dolphins and Bears? That will determine the Vikings’ final record in 2014 because history has told us wins and losses can be predicted.

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