Patterson trying to change his luck

Cordarrelle Patterson admits to being superstitious and is hoping some small changes in routine can make a difference in his performance and playing time.

During Thursday media access, one can normally find Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson leaning up against a pillar surrounded by a group of television cameras and reporters. The Thursday before the Vikings game against the New York Jets was a little different, though.

Patterson was still surrounded by a group of media members, but instead of being in his usual spot he moved in front of his locker. When asked why, Patterson said the pillar has given him bad luck, and he needs to change that.

“I think that’s bad luck over there,” he said. “Ya’ll been making me come over there. I need some luck right now.

“I’m superstitious. I don’t think I believe in bad luck or good luck. Either you got it or you don’t, so I really don’t think about bad luck. I believe in superstitions a lot because my mom, she’s really big on stuff like that.”

With the season Patterson has been having, multiple things need to change for him so why not start with moving away from the pillar? Coming into the season, many people expected Patterson to have a breakout year in his second season, but instead he has been unable to produce on a consistent basis, if at all, and has now lost his starting spot.

Last week against the Jets, Patterson only saw three offensive snaps and sat out during the entirety of the first half on offense. He did have one pass go his way, but it was a screen pass that fell incomplete.

When the Vikings moved up in the first round to draft Patterson out of Tennessee, it was well-known that he was a great athlete, but also that he was very raw at the receiver position. Throughout the year, coaches have talked about Patterson’s route-running and he has occasionally struggled with beating the cornerbacks off the line.

“I feel like receiver is the hardest position,” Patterson said. “We got a lot of stuff going at us, thrown at us, been so many offenses different years. It’s a lot of high expectations for young receivers like me. But I just sit down and try to get better each and every week. Don’t try to think about it so much, just go out there and just try to play your game and let the game come to you.”

The inconsistency Patterson has seen with offensive schemes – going from junior college to Tennessee to the Vikings, and now having a new offensive coordinator in Norv Turner – can be hard on a young player still trying to learn the position. Even though he admits that it has been hard, he also knows that it is no excuse for his lack of production.

“Aw, it’s tough, man,” Patterson said. “It’s tough, you know, if you’re in an offense for two or three years. Coach is always throwing something in each week, the game plan is different for each team, so it’s always tough and coming in as a young receiver, it’s kind of tough on me. I had to take the long way. I had a bump in the road, but that’s not an excuse. You have to go in and focus in on your job and just master your craft.”

With the amount of playing time Patterson has been getting decreasing, and the amount other receivers have been getting increasing, he does get frustrated. Patterson is determined to stay focused, and prove to the coaches that he deserves playing time.

“It’s not always good as it seems, it’s not always bad as it seems, it’s somewhere in the middle,” Patterson said. “Just got to keep that in your head, man, and just stay focused and just try to prove to coaches, keep proving them what you can do and keep motivating yourself and just keep going out there in practice each and every day and just try to get better.”

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