Vikings could impact job security

The final two games played by the Vikings in the 2014 won't have much in the way of historical significance other than being numbers in a reference of the NFL. But if the Vikings win their final two games, there could be a lot of coaches changing addresses.

As the Minnesota Vikings enter the stretch run of the season, they do so looking to finish strong in the first year of the Mike Zimmer regime. What makes their final two games potentially seismic-shifting is that the end of the Vikings’ season could determine the end of coaching tenures elsewhere.

Minneosota’s two remaining games are against the Miami Dolphins and Chicago Bears, two teams whose fan bases are calling for the head of the head coach.

In Miami, the jackals are out in force. Head coach Joe Philbin survived the culture of bullyism from last year – still a hot-button issue for the Miami area despite the national recognition of Bullygate being effectively erased from the consciousness. Philbin’s pass with the fan base is long since expired. When Miami beat New England in Week 1, Philbin was the King of South Beach. After getting trucked 41-13 in the rematch – Miami’s third loss in the last four games – the sentiment is that Philbin has to go.

For Vikings fans with short-term memory loss, remember the names Brad Childress and Leslie Frazier.

The fan indifference speaks loudly.

The vultures are circling in Miami. About the only place they’re circling more is Chicago.

The Bears were supposed to be a legitimate division title contender. They let Josh McCown leave because they sweetened the pot with Jay Cutler.

The Bears have a history of sticking with their head coaches for extended periods of time, but their national disasters are becoming far too commonplace for the locals to handle.

Back in August, the tough talk in Chicago was that the Packers’ lock on the NFC North title was going away. It might, but the Bears will have little to nothing to do with it. The Bears have lost six of their last games and their offensive coordinator went mea culpa as being an unnamed source that said Cutler is essentially a team cancer.

If the Vikings close out Chicago’s season with a loss, fan mutiny will take place. It would be Mike Zimmer’s first win in the NFC North, despite bringing Detroit and Green Bay to the wire in their second meetings this season. Either Cutler or Marc Trestman has to go for the good of the franchise. Considering that the franchise has a much bigger financial commitment to Cutler, unless Josh McDaniels can be lent out by New England to poison the water, it would appear Trestman is the victim in this two-man power grab.

History will remember the final two Vikings games of the 2014 season by scores. They will be the final two games with three teams playing out the string. There are no playoff implications on the line.

In Minnesota, those two games can potentially be foundation blocks for the future. In Miami and Chicago, Black Monday could be a distinct reality of their towns getting a lot of media focus for all the wrong reasons.

The Vikings were there 11 months and change ago. How the 2014 Vikings perform in the next two weeks could help create a shift in the firing and hiring of coaches throughout the league.

To the national media, those two games will have minimal attraction and will receive minimal attention. But, for fans of the Dolphins and Bears, the Vikings have the opportunity to drive in the final coffin nail that brings the winds of change to both Miami and Chicago.

Get your popcorn ready. The end-of-season drama is unfolding, even for teams long since eliminated from the playoffs.

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