Notebook: Floyd details ‘dumb penalty’

Sharrif Floyd owned up to his penalties and expects Chicago will try to goad him into more. Plus, more defensive breakdown talk and injury concerns.

Sharrif Floyd was one of two players penalized for 15 yards in a 37-35 loss to the Miami Dolphins, and those penalties irked head coach Mike Zimmer after the game and a day after the loss.

In the second quarter of Sunday’s loss, Floyd chased down QB Ryan Tannehill and tackled him from behind after Tannehill had released the ball. Floyd was flagged for a late hit on Tannehill and a personal foul for a post-play altercation with offensive lineman Darryn Colledge.

“It’s what I thought was a legal hit. Got up, turned around and he came in and head-butted me,” Floyd said. “It was just reaction, not even any aggression towards anybody. We talked about it after the game. So, no hard feelings or anything. It just happened.

“… You hit me, I’ll hit you back. At the end of the day, I’ve got to control myself for my teammates and not take any personal vendetta against somebody.”

That penalty helped extend a Dolphins drive that eventually ended up with a punt.

“It’s always the second guy (to get penalized). I should have been the first guy, right?” Floyd joked. “Now I put it on tape. I figure I’m going to get it in the Bears game, too. Now it’s just controlling my emotions and playing hard. I just looked at it as me being physical and playing on an edge.”

Linebacker Gerald Hodges’ penalty hurt more.

Late in third quarter, Hodges was also flagged for unnecessary roughness when he reacted to something Jarvis Landry said after the play was over, turned around and aggressively bumped into Landry.

What would have brought up a third-and-5 situation turned into a first down inside the red zone and the Dolphins scored a touchdown five plays later to give them their first lead of the game, 21-17, on the first play of the fourth quarter.

“There’s being tough in the fourth quarter, being smart in the fourth quarter, walking away from a guy hitting you instead of turning around and head-butting him – that takes toughness, too,” Zimmer said on Monday. “Winning these games at the end of the game, that’s a lot about mental toughness.”

Floyd admitted his penalty – one of 11 penalties on defense, according to Zimmer – hurt his team.

“It’s a dumb penalty and shouldn’t happen. I let them know it wouldn’t happen again,” Floyd said.


The Vikings had plenty of issues on defense, as Zimmer recounted numerous times in his day-after press conference. The players also had their say.

“I think we had a lot of guys go down and it kind of affected us. We started playing a little slower, reacting a little slower, but we’ve been working on this since early May and we kind of know what’s going on in our defense and we’ve just got to execute,” cornerback Josh Robinson said.

The Vikings allowed 396 yards passing for Tannehill, his biggest output in the last two years (he had 431 against Arizona in 2012).

“We were just undisciplined all day,” safety Harrison Smith said. “I think whether it was fatigue or playing in the hot weather and not locking in and doing our jobs.”

The temperature was 80 degrees at kickoff, but Smith and Floyd both said that shouldn’t be an excuse. Instead, Floyd said, the Vikings can only blame themselves for being out on the field for a season-high 85 plays on defense.

“Always a frustration when you don’t feel you played well as a defense, when you don’t feel you’ve helped the offense out,” Robinson said. “You put up 35 points, you can’t ask for more than that. We’ve just got to play better.”


Safety Robert Blanton was active despite being questionable with knee and ankle injuries, but Zimmer said Andrew Sendejo started over Blanton because he had played well the previous week.

But eventually Blanton replaced Sendejo on Sunday after Sendejo suffered his own injury.


  • Linebacker Chad Greenway was away from Winter Park on Monday and will be gone on the players’ day off Tuesday, as well, to attend his father’s funeral in Mount Vernon, S.D. Alan Greenway died Friday night after a battle with leukemia that lasted more than two years. Zimmer said he will continue to communicate with Greenway to find out his availability for Sunday’s regular-season finale.

  • Linebacker Brandon Watts didn’t do himself any favors by suffering another hamstring injury Sunday after getting his first action of the season on defense.

    “Doesn’t have much stamina. You pull a hamstring in six plays, that’s the third hamstring he’s had this year,” Zimmer said.

  • Tight end Kyle Rudolph, who didn’t play Sunday because of knee and ankle injuries, will play in the finale Sunday if he is able, Zimmer said.

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