Super Bowl could determine Williams’ future

Kevin Williams said retirement is a possibility if he finally wins a Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks.

Former Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams was propped on a riser as one of the featured Seattle Seahawks speaking at the Super Bowl media day as hundreds of reporters milled around the floor of US Airways Arena Tuesday afternoon.

The country-born-and-bred, low-key Williams sat and answered questions for an hour straight.

“This Media Day thing is kind of huge, huh? I don’t know, it has been kind of copacetic,” Williams said without a hint of being overwhelmed by the attention. “Everything has been on cue. I got guys that are breaking it down for me, play-by-play, so I am not really shocked about what is going on right now.”

That wouldn’t have always been the case. Williams came to Minnesota as an introverted 2003 first-round draft pick that blossomed into a quiet but well-respected team leader before the Vikings decided to let him leave via free agency. The pursuit of a Super Bowl was what Williams intended in last year’s free-agent visits, which ironically included his competition in Sunday’s Super Bowl, the New England Patriots.

“It is kind of a surreal moment. I couldn’t believe we won a week or two ago,” Williams said. “I was like, man we really came back and won that game. So now it is that transition to, we need to get one more confetti bath. I was really happy with that win but I will really be excited, no telling what emotions will come out, after we win this.”

He has been in this position before. In 2009, he was part of the Vikings’ run to the NFC Championship Game before they lost in overtime to the New Orleans Saints.

Of course, finally getting to the Super Bowl was cause for a big celebration like only Williams could pull off. He got takeout, ate at home and relaxed.

“Take a deep breath and just, wow, we really won that game,” he said.

But with one more game on the horizon, it might be his last in the NFL. He admitted Tuesday that retirement would be a consideration if the Seahawks win Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday.

“I think it has a good chance. I think you have seen a lot of great players go out and win the Super Bowl and then retire,” he said. “If we can win the Super Bowl it will probably play into the offseason, but I just want to win and focus on that right now.”

Fishing might receive priority if that happens. That’s just the way Williams rolls.

On the other hand …

“I mean, if somebody wants my services bad enough, I can see playing some more,” he said.

The biggest focus right now is making sure that the Seahawks win on Sunday. The 2009 NFC Championship loss wasn’t easy to get over, but it did serve as a lesson for him.

“The biggest thing is don’t blink. In Minnesota, I felt we controlled that game the whole way and then we get into overtime and lose it,” he said. “It was just the polar opposite of last week. We played good defense but the offense was kind of sputtering and we still were there fighting and didn’t give up. We fought to the end and we were able to get the outcome we wanted.”

One more time like that and it might be the last time for the veteran of 12 years and nearly 500 tackles to retire. All he wants is one more confetti bath.

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