Jackson embracing moment, not free agency

Tarvaris Jackson has hardly played this season, but the former Vikings quarterback is enjoying another Super Bowl ride with the Seattle Seahawks before he becomes a free agent once again.

Tarvaris Jackson has hardly experienced playing time with the Seattle Seahawks, but being part of back-to-back Super Bowl teams is something he cherishes.

“It’s been fun. Second year in a row here. I know what to expect now, but it’s been a fun process,” the former Vikings quarterback said.

But what he can expect is no playing time in Super Bowl XLIX. This year, Jackson has played in only one game, throwing one pass, a completion for no yards. In 2013, Jackson played in three games, throwing a combined 13 passes, completing 10 of them for 151 yards and a touchdown.

Russell Wilson is the one that has established himself as the quarterback of the Seahawks through consistent and winning play, but the Seahawks aren’t as reliant on the passing game as some of the other playoff teams were. Jackson believes their commitment to the running game and good defense – the Seahawks are the top-ranked defense in the league – has been one of the keys to their playoff runs.

“The running game and then playing defense. We do both pretty well so you can rely on a good defense and a running game more than you can rely on the passing game,” he said of the playoffs. “Anything can happen, but if you’re able to run the football and play great defense it’s more reliable.”

Running back Marshawn Lynch has been the star of the Seattle offense more than any quarterback or receiver, and the defense has carried them, too.

After several frustrating years, from 2006 to 2010, in Minnesota with Brad Childress as his head coach, three of Jackson’s last four years in the league have been spent under Pete Carroll. It’s a very different personality and coaching style.

“He’s able to relate more. He allows you to be yourself,” Jackson said of Carroll. “I feel like sometimes coaches try to mold guys or mold their team to be more like them or how they want their guy to be and try to control people too much. Pete is not controlling to the point where you can’t be yourself. That’s what guys love. He allows them to be theirself. We’re playing football, we’re winning and he puts us in a great position to make plays. Pete’s a good guy that guys trust as far as his system.”

It might not last, however. Jackson is once again scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent this offseason, as is Wilson. The Seahawks are expected to re-sign Wilson to an expensive contract, but Jackson’s future is much more up in the air.

This week, he has been focusing on the Super Bowl and not his future, but that will come soon enough.

“Honestly, being in the Super Bowl I didn’t know what to expect so this year I’ve been more focused on trying to enjoy the process and the game and stuff like that. I haven’t really thought that far ahead,” he said. “I definitely know I’m a free agent, but right now I’m just trying to not let my mind go that far. It will be here before you know it.”

After Sunday, all bets are off for the former Viking.

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