Bridgewater, receivers change workouts

Teddy Bridgewater and his receiving corps still will be getting together soon, but the venue changed.

Teddy Bridgewater called an offseason audible. Or his receivers motioned for a change at the line of scrimmage.

Whoever made the decision to change up the original offseason training plan isn’t really important, but Bridgewater and a group of his receivers and tight ends are heading to California soon to train together and build camaraderie. Although the goals are the same, the venue changed from what Bridgewater and others had talked about at the end of the season, when the plan was to get together near the quarterback’s hometown of Miami, Fla.

“Of course we’re going to play some ball, spin the ball with each other,” Bridgewater said prior to the Super Bowl. “If we build that camaraderie off the field and build that chemistry off the field and have those guys saying, ‘Hey, I know this is a guy I want to play for, this is a guy that I want to play next to,’ I think two weeks in California or three weeks in California, I think it’s worth it.”

Receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, tight end Kyle Rudolph and others are believed to be attending with Bridgewater. Initially, Bridgewater had planned to have his receiving corps down in Florida.

“It doesn’t all have to be football. We can just hang out and just continue to develop that chemistry on and off the field and that goes a long way,” Bridgewater said at the end of the season, when the plan was still to meet in Florida.

“It will be very important. We just want to continue to build on the momentum that we have right now. We have an understanding of what the coaching staff is trying to do here. We have a great understanding of the system now. It will be pretty exciting heading to this offseason and heading to our second year in the system.”

While Bridgewater had an impressive rookie season, winning the fan-voted Pepsi Rookie of the Year and having the third-highest completion percentage for a rookie quarterback in league history, the offseason workouts might be even more important for Patterson. After a promising rookie season, Patterson ended up losing his starting job to Charles Johnson in 2014, with coaches indicating that route-running and reliability were factors in him losing his top spot on the depth chart.

“This season my starting job got took. I see a lot of people comment on the Twitter or the Instagram and stuff like that. It hurts, but it is what it is. I stand by what all the coaches do,” Patterson said when he showed up in Phoenix to help Bridgewater celebrate his award. “But next year I feel like I’ve got to come and prove to the whole world, everybody, and I feel like that’s what I’m going to do.”

Although Bridgewater didn’t want to get into details of their California workouts, he said taking a critical view of his play on tape will be a big part of his offseason focus.

“Basically I’m going to watch tape and study myself and critique myself like never before,” he said. “I’m going to break down the other quarterbacks in this league – Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, why those guys do well and why they’ve been having success for so long.”

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