Spielman: Vikings expect A.P. back on team

Rick Spielman advanced the Adrian Peterson question one step further, saying he expects to have him back on the team.

Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman met with the media Wednesday at the NFL Scouting Combine and discussed multiple subjects, including the status of running back Adrian Peterson.

One statement stood out.

“We expect Adrian Peterson to be a part of our football team,” Spielman said after reiterating past statements on Peterson’s status while the Pro Bowl running back serves a six-game suspension handed down from the NFL in December.

“He’s a player that’s under contract with us and he’s under suspension,” Spielman said. “We can’t have formal communication with him. Some people in our building are allowed to. But I’m sure we’ll visit with his representatives.”

Over the last month, the Vikings have showed more public support for Peterson’s return to the team, something Spielman continued to put forth Wednesday.

“I think me and Zimmer, you guys have a pretty good idea where we’re at on it, and I think our whole organization is on that same page. And I stated it when I talked to you guys after the season, you know, what team wouldn’t want to have an Adrian Peterson talent. He’s a unique player that you don’t see come around too often. And Adrian’s been a key part of our organization. He’s made a mistake, he’s doing everything and he’s got to follow through, rectify, and do all the things the NFL is requiring him to do.”

There were two interesting points that Spielman made during the interview. First off, he said that the Vikings expect Peterson to be a part of the Vikings. However, he would not go into any sort of detail regarding if it will be under his current contract or if they will try to renegotiate it. He also noted that he is sure he will be meeting with Peterson’s agents while he is at the Combine.

The second interesting point made was that there are specific people in the Vikings organization who are allowed to have contact with Peterson. But when he was asked to clarify whom those people were he said he did not want to get into specifics, other than naming Les Pico, the Vikings’ executive director of player development.

“I won’t get into specifics, but there are people, specific people, that are allowed to communicate with Adrian in our organization,” Spielman said.

Spielman said the Vikings are assuming Peterson is doing all that he needs to in order to get back on the field, and when he does they apparently want him back with the Vikings.

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