Vikings’ adjusted cap at $149.6 million

The Vikings are carrying over more than $5 million in unused 2014 salary cap space and currently have an adjusted cap of almost $150 million for 2015.

After unused salary-cap space is carried over from 2014 and adjustments are made, the Minnesota Vikings are 13th in the NFL with an adjusted salary cap of $149.6 million for 2015.

The NFL Players Association announced the salary cap for 2015 will be at $143.28 million, but teams will have even more room to spend on their players after adjustments take into consideration the amount of cap space they can carry over from unspent money in 2014. The Vikings were also 13th in cap carryover with $5.723 million.

But that doesn’t mean they will be big or early spenders in the free agent market. Vikings general manager Rick Spielman said Monday he anticipates Minnesota will take a patient approach to free agency, which starts March 10 (teams can begin negotiating with outside free agent on March 7).

“I think more likely we’ll just sit back unless something unique pops up. There’s some things that we’re still working through internally,” Spielman said Monday. “I think today is the deadline for the tag, if I’m not mistaken. We’ve been pretty patient through free agency and we feel good about a lot of these young kids that we have on our roster that could potentially come up and fill some of the voids if we do lose some of our guys.”

The Vikings signed their upcoming free agents to extensions last year, avoiding deadline-induced negotiations with tight end Kyle Rudolph and guard Brandon Fusco, two starters from the 2011 draft whose rookie contracts were coming to an end.

Fullback Jerome Felton, who opted out of his contract last month, is the Vikings’ top free agent, according to’s rankings. The other Vikings that are pending free agents are RB Matt Asiata, LB Jasper Brinkley, OL Joe Berger, OL Mike Harris, DT Tom Johnson, OL Vladimir Ducasse, QB Christian Ponder, DE Corey Wootton and long snapper Cullen Loeffler. Spielman said the Vikings have had discussions with the agents for all of those players.

The Vikings could also make some more roster cuts before the start of free agency – they already released G Charlie Johnson, freeing up $2.5 million in salary cap space – or renegotiate contracts. LB Chad Greenway appears to be a prime candidate for that, as he carries an $8.8 million cap number in 2015.

“There’s a lot that we have to get done this week, and then once free agency happens we’ll probably lay in the weeds a little bit and see what happens,” Spielman said.

Two teams – Jacksonville and Cleveland – will have more than $160 million with their adjusted salary cap. The Jaguars lead the way with a $168,486,107 adjusted salary cap after carrying over more than $21 million in unused cap space. The Browns are at $161,767,400 after carrying over almost $19 million.

Nine more teams – the Bengals, Broncos, Packers, Colts, Dolphins, Jets, Raiders, Eagles and Titans – all have more than $150 million in adjusted salary cap.

Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, each club has the option to carry over unused cap space from the prior league year. Below is every team’s adjusted salary cap position for 2015, given its carryover amount and other adjustments from the 2014 season:

Team CarryoverAdjustments 2015 Salary Cap 2015 Adjusted Team Salary Cap
Arizona Cardinals $4,256,919 $978,947$143,280,000 $148,515,866
Atlanta Falcons $2,845,290 $123,525$143,280,000 $146,248,815
Baltimore Ravens $5,791,927 ($3,940,800) $143,280,000 $145,131,127
Buffalo Bills $2,647,907 ($145,977) $143,280,000 $145,781,930
Carolina Panthers $4,939,773 $1,151,864 $143,280,000 $149,371,637
Chicago Bears $1,545,934 $342,500$143,280,000 $145,168,434
Cincinnati Bengals $8,697,310 $153,125$143,280,000 $152,130,435
Cleveland Browns $18,908,285 ($420,885) $143,280,000 $161,767,400
Dallas Cowboys $3,260,740 $2,037,573 $143,280,000 $148,578,313
Denver Broncos $5,870,000 $916,024$143,280,000 $150,066,024
Detroit Lions $939,171$98,820 $143,280,000 $144,317,991
Green Bay Packers $7,791,106 $400,000$143,280,000 $151,471,106
Houston Texans $966,613$1,779,133 $143,280,000 $146,025,746
Indianapolis Colts $7,699,867 $1,443,525 $143,280,000 $152,423,392
Jacksonville Jaguars $21,768,205 $3,437,902 $143,280,000 $168,486,107
Kansas City Chiefs $2,246,790 $617,410$143,280,000 $146,144,200
Miami Dolphins $7,770,411 $1,876,526 $143,280,000 $152,926,937
Minnesota Vikings $5,723,960 $624,000$143,280,000 $149,627,960
New England Patriots $6,442,054 ($5,143,970) $143,280,000 $144,578,084
New Orleans Saints $1,710,130 $102,300$143,280,000 $145,092,430
New York Giants $151,000($19,117) $143,280,000 $143,411,883
New York Jets $12,619,394 $250,000$143,280,000 $156,149,394
Oakland Raiders $7,400,000 $1,192,756 $143,280,000 $151,872,756
Philadelphia Eagles $15,715,700 $876,678$143,280,000 $159,872,378
Pittsburgh Steelers $778,469$0 $143,280,000 $144,058,469
San Diego Chargers $1,500,000 ($1,807,388) $143,280,000 $142,972,612
San Francisco 49ers $4,206,936 $2,369,044 $143,280,000 $149,855,980
Seattle Seahawks $4,825,000 $152,738$143,280,000 $148,257,738
St. Louis Rams $0$1,393,387 $143,280,000 $144,673,387
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $1,063,033 $566,856$143,280,000 $144,909,889
Tennessee Titans $11,254,828 ($181,250) $143,280,000 $154,353,578
Washington Redskins $108,621$3,203,124 $143,280,000 $146,591,745

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