Edmond Robinson scouting report

Edmond Robinson's size may be an issue, but he shows promising qualities. Get the in-depth scouting report on the Minnesota Vikings seventh-round linebacker from NFL scout Dave-Te' Thomas.

Edmond Robinson was considered to be one of the more athletically talented players to attend the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine, as his wingspan (82 5/8-inches) and long arms (34-inches) almost make his 245-pound frame look lanky. He does not have impressive overall statistics, especially considering the low level of competition he faced, leaving him as a possible late-round project, rather than being considered a rising prospect. However, if he is drafted, he will end a 34-year drought since the last Newberry player was selected by an NFL team.

Robinson has a lean-looking frame, despite weighing 245 pounds, but does have more room to get bigger. He has slender calves with very long legs, almost looking like a basketball forward rather than a possible pro linebacker. He shows good change-of-direction agility and is quick and sudden closing when he locates the ball. He is a coordinated runner who plays quicker than his timed speed and has a good burst to roam the field.

Robinson has the quickness and instincts to walk out in space to cover a detached back. He reacts quickly to what he sees and you do not see any hesitation once he locates the ball. He is also quite effective at getting to runners along the corners, doing a nice job of disrupting the action, especially on wheel routes.

The senior keeps a tight relationship covering receivers in the short area and has the vision and range to track down runners at the opposite side of the field. His ability to cover the speedier receivers saw him drop back and play safety in obvious deep passing situations. He has good vision and ball anticipation skills, as he is generally in position to make the play. He is quick top react to keys and is the type that will patiently wait on misdirection rather than over-commit.

Robinson is a good finesse-type of tackler, but must get more physical in his play to compete at the next level. He just seems to lack the raw power to be constantly battling in the trenches. He is best playing on the move, as he can be stonewalled in attempts to engage an aggressive and bigger offensive lineman.

The linebacker has decent strength behind his hand punch, but gets mashed and mauled when trying to split double teams. He shows good hand extension in attempts to gain separation, but must generate more power behind his arm swipes. While Robinson throws his body around, and plays with abandon, he lacks power behind his hits.

He is a sound wrap-up tackler who has some explosion on contact, but doesn’t have the strength to make an arm tackle inside. He is effective in his backside pursuit, and compensates for marginal power with his ability to generate a burst to slip off and avoid blockers. He struggles to shed, but plays under control

Robinson has the athletic ability to make plays sideline-to-sideline. He sifts through trash and has a sudden burst to close. He can knife through on the block, but can be stopped when he is contested. He demonstrates the lateral quickness to get transfer and has the burst to slip through tight areas. He flies around in pursuit and shows the range and change of direction agility to get in front of the ball carrier to make the tackle in space.

Robinson is very alert to the quarterback when dropping back in pass coverage. He has more than enough speed to blanket the tight end and runs tight on the hip of receivers during wheel routes down field. He anticipates the play well and shows good urgency coming up to impact on underneath routes.

Even at 245 pounds, because of his impressive timed speed, some teams might even look at him as a strong safety, where his lack of strength playing in the box would not be an issue. He has the quickness and the change of direction agility to run with backs and tight ends up the seam and has the speed to get depth in his pass drop. He is flexible and fluid working in space, showing the vision and ability to play under control. He also shows good hip snap to accelerate quickly coming out of his backpedal.

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