Vikings get Teddy’s teammate, but it’s DuBose

B.J. DuBose was catching passes from Teddy Bridgewater before they were at Louisville together. Now DuBoses’ role is much different.

There was a lot of speculation heading into the draft that Teddy Bridgewater would be reunited with one of his receiving targets from Louisville. It turned out he was.

It just wasn’t DeVante Parker. It was B.J. Dubose.


Dubose, the second sixth-round pick of the Vikings Saturday, is a defensive lineman at Louisville and teammate of Bridgewater’s. But their relationship goes much farther back than that.

“Me and Teddy have an awesome relationship,” Dubose said. “I first met him back in high school. We played on the 7-on-7 team together called the South Florida Express. On that team, I was playing tight end, so I actually was able to catch a few passes from him. We have a good relationship. He’s a very good guy.”

As Vikings fans have learned, there is a passion that drives Bridgewater and Dubose could bear witness to it – from their high school days through his time with the Cardinals.

“He’s one of the best guys I’ve been around,” Dubose said. “He’s really good at taking work serious – film study. Just overall, he loves the game and takes it serious.”

Dubose is probably best known to casual fans as the guy who pulled a hamstring and did an awkward face-plant at the Combine running the 40-yard dash, but he was a starter for Louisville last year and has the skill set that could interest either of the primary defensive schemes – outside in a 3-4 defense and inside in a 4-3.

Dubose has learned every position and feels that experience will bode well for him as he makes fights for a roster spot on the Vikings.

“I’m pretty versatile,” Dubose said. “Throughout my career at Louisville, I played everywhere – from the nine to the zero, so I literally played everywhere on the defensive line.”

One of the Vikings’ top-30 visits last month, Dubose feels comfortable about coming into the Vikings and making a splash to get the attention of the defensive coaching staff. He knows sixth-rounders are given no guarantees in the NFL of making a roster, so it helped that the contact he had on the visit led to him being drafted.

“When I came up for my (top 30) visit with the Vikings, I got to be around the coaching staff and met with the defensive line coach,” Dubose said. “I was very comfortable around them and I felt I fit their scheme – playing the 5-technique in the four-down front, especially versus the run setting the edge and then having the ability to bump down on the inside and rush the passer on third down.”

A lot of people speculated that the Vikings would draft a teammate of Bridgewater’s over draft weekend. Dubose may not have been the one they expected, but he’s hoping to continue to be a teammate of Teddy’s for a long time.

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