B.J. DuBose scouting report

Offiically, B.J. DuBose is listed a defensive end, but his scouting report might indicate otherwise.

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After finally emerging from the team’s doghouse, Dubose made the most of that opportunity, showing excellent quickness with his trimmed-down 263-pound frame. But one month after the bowl season ended, he not only had a mediocre performance at the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine but also suffered a hamstring injury that prevented him from completing the agility tests. He also arrived in Indianapolis 21 pounds heavier than his reported playing weight at 284 pounds.

The Cardinal has adequate upper body muscle development, thick thighs and calves. He has decent balance and strength to defeat blocks and stay on his feet on the move. He is not really an instinctive player, as he fails to quickly recognize blocking schemes and locate the ball. He might be better suited for tackle due to a lack of suddenness off the snap, but also because of his ability to get a strong push to drive the guards back into the pocket.

Dubose does demonstrate a strong rip move to get an edge on the offensive tackles and closes quickly once he builds to top speed. He has the functional power to split double teams and a spin move to slip off trash and make the play working along the line. He will never be confused for being a high-energy type who chases until the whistle. He keeps position vs. combo blocks, but needs to use his arms to wrap and secure as a tackler better.

Dubose also needs to learn how to keep his weight down and open his hips better, as he gets too high in his stance, negating his initial burst off the line when blockers react by getting their hands into his body to steer and wash out. His timed speed does not translate well to the edge position, and while he has a strong rip move he needs to develop more power behind his club move. He also lacks pass-rush technique, as he does not appear to have the loose hips needed to redirect or recover when he out-runs the play.

Dubose has to be considered strictly a bull rusher rather than a pass rusher, as most of his sacks occur when he’s unimpeded in his route to the quarterback. He competed at right defensive end, but might be better suited for an interior position due to his bull-rushing ability and lack of quickness coming off the edge. He has good strength to anchor vs. double teams, but one of the reasons I feel he will be a better fit at tackle is his inability to sink his weight and keep his pads down coming out of his stance.

This negates whatever quickness he can generate, as blockers are quick to get their hands into his body to ride him out. He has adequate balance and comes off the ball with a little burst and explosion. Against the run, he can hold his ground at the point of attack, but when he gets high in his stance, he can be pushed back. He is effective at using his hands to create separation, but is inconsistent to shed and get off the snap.

Dubose has marginal range to play sideline to sideline, as he does not generate a lot of burst. He shows some ability to rush the quarterback, but does so with marginal pass-rush moves. He prefers to bull rush, as he stays after the play better working in line than when having to take the long route around the offensive tackle.

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