All aboard: All 10 Vikings picks signed

The Minnesota Vikings signed their draft picks quickly on Thursday, signing all 10 of them before rookie minicamp starts on Friday.

Five days after the conclusion of the NFL draft, all 10 of the Minnesota Vikings’ draft picks are signed.

The team confirmed the signings after a furious afternoon of signings being reported. It puts the entire draft class under contract, as well as 10 undrafted free agents, in advance of the team’s rookie minicamp that starts on Friday.

They signings include first-round CB Trae Waynes, second-round LB Eric Kendricks, third-round DE Danielle Hunter, fourth-round OT T.J. Clemmings, fifth-round TE MyCole Pruitt and fifth-round WR Stefon Diggs, sixth-round OL Tyrus Thompson and sixth-round DL B.J. Dubose, and seventh-round OL Austin Shepherd and seventh-round LB Edmond Robinson.

As the No. 11 overall pick, Waynes’ contract is expected to be worth a total of nearly $11.57 million with a salary-cap hit of $2.35 million in 2015, according to ESPN. The Pioneer Press reported a higher total value with a signing bonus of $7.674 million.

All first-round picks sign four-year contracts with a fifth-year option. Earlier this week the Vikings announced that they exercised the fifth-year options for 2012 first-round picks Harrison Smith and Matt Kalil. Those options for the 2016 season are guaranteed only against injury.

While Waynes is expected to battle for the starting cornerback spot opposite Xavier Rhodes, Kendricks is also expected to be in competition for the starting middle linebacker spot. As a second-round pick, his contract would be four years with a cap hit of about $957,000 in 2015. His total deal is for $5.155 million with a signing bonus just over $2 million, according to the Pioneer Press.

The others, in order of draft selection:

  • Hunter signed a four-year deal that should bring a salary-cap hit of about $591,000.

  • Clemmings received a signing bonus of $524,956 on a four-year deal worth $2.805 million, the Pioneer Press reported, and his deal should have a salary-cap hit of roughly $566,000 in 2015.

  • The first of their fifth-round selections, Pruitt, should receive a four-year deal with a 2015 salary-cap hit around $492,000.

  • Fifth-round receiver Diggs will get a four-year deal that should hold a cap hit of just under $492,000.

  • Thompson, a sixth-rounder, should have a deal that would also be four years with a cap hit around $467,000.

  • Their other sixth-round pick, DuBose, should carry a cap hit of nearly $465,000 this year.

  • The seventh-rounders, offensive lineman Shepherd and linebacker Robinson, are also under contract now. Shepherd gets $69,696 in signing bonus with a total deal worth $2.349 million. Robinson should cost about $452,000 against the cap.

    The signings came quicker in recent years because of the slotting process for rookie contracts in the collective bargaining agreement signed in 2011.

    The worked quickly to have all of their picks signed before the start of rookie minicamp on Friday, the first time that has happened.

    Unsigned draft picks are allowed to participate in rookie minicamp and usually sign a deal that says the team will negotiate in good faith if that player is injured in camp, so it is wasn’t necessary they sign before Friday’s camp, but the Vikings certainly had that goal in mind and achieved it, allowing the weekend’s focus to be on football rather than money.

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