Brandt: Vikings won the draft

The Minnesota Vikings won the draft, according to longtime college football evaluator Gil Brandt of The Vikings selected six players in Brandt’s top 100.

For nearly 30 years, Gil Brandt was vice president of player personnel for the Dallas Cowboys and has been a fixture on for decades since.

According to Brandt, the Minnesota Vikings were the winners of the 2015 draft. Brandt ranked his top 100 prospects in the 2015 draft and the Vikings were the clear winner using a numerical methodology that assigned 100 points for the first pick, 99 for the second, 98 for the third, etc.

The Vikings dominated the competition based on Brandt’s prospects, finishing with 290 points – 42 more than the next highest total.

The Vikings had a league-high six players in Brandt’s top 100 –Trae Waynes (No. 9 overall), T.J. Clemmings (42), Eric Kendricks (50), Danielle Hunter (51), Tyrus Thompson (76) and Stefon Diggs (88).

The Vikings were followed by the Cleveland Browns at 248 points, thanks in large part to having two first-round picks.

The rest of the draft scores were as follows:

3. Dallas, 237 points
4. Atlanta, 233
5. New York Jets, 224
6. Houston, 221
7. Chicago, 216
8. New York Giants, 213
9. Miami, 201
10. New Orleans, 198
11. Baltimore, 191
12. Jacksonville, 183
13. Tennessee, 178
14. Oakland, 171
15. Tampa Bay, 158
16. San Francisco, 155
17. Washington, 149
18. Denver, 143
19. San Diego, 140
20. Indianapolis, 137
21. Cincinnati, 136
22. (tie) Kansas City, 129
22. (tie) Philadelphia, 129
24. Pittsburgh, 109
25. Green Bay, 103
26. St. Louis, 102
27. Carolina, 100
28. Detroit, 94
29. New England, 93
30. Arizona, 85
31. Buffalo, 54
32. Seattle, 20

The draft is often viewed as the foundation piece for building long-term success, and if you take a long-time evaluator like Brandt’s word for it, the Vikings have the makings of a big future from the Class of 2015.

  • The Detroit Lions signed former Viking Corey Wootton, who played with Minnesota last year, but the Vikings showed little interest in re-signing him after the season ended. It will be Wootton’s third different team from the NFC North in less than three years after starting his career with the Chicago Bears.

  • The Vikings apparently didn’t have their own version of Deflategate in their win over the Carolina Panthers at TCF Bank Stadium last November. The Vikings accused the Panthers of using sideline heaters to warm up balls during the 12 degree day at The Bank. According to NBC Sports, both teams were warned at halftime not to warm the balls with the heaters and league eyes were on both sidelines in the second half.

  • Sports Illustrated is making its early predictions for the NFC North and, while they have the Packers winning again, they have the Vikings as a team on the rise that will finish second and challenge for a playoff spot.

  • Is it tampering when a player says he wants to play for another team? Seattle’s Bruce Irvin, who has been irate with Seattle when the Seahawks declined to pick up his fifth-year option earlier this month, said this week that he wants to play for Atlanta next year. That should help relations in Seattle.

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