Vikings fans react to Peterson’s return

Vikings fans seemed in a mood to forgive, even if they don’t forget, as Adrian Peterson returned to the team.

The Adrian Peterson saga finally seems to be drawing to an end after the Minnesota Vikings running back attended offseason practices for the first time on Tuesday. There has been a wide range of emotion since he was first placed on the Commissioner’s Exempt List on Sept. 17, 2014 after disciplining his 4-year-old son with a switch last May.

Many fans that have supported him throughout the entire process; others have been angered by him on multiple occasions. But this move by Peterson seems to be the first of many in an attempt to mend broken bridges. Here is sampling of posts on the Viking Update forums about how fans felt about Peterson’s return.

“It’s about time! Was never concerned about what kind of shape he would be in, though. Say what you want about the man (and I’m not his biggest fan atm) he is a very hard worker.” – robertdavis84

“Take it however you will, but I am disillusioned. We know about 1% of these guys’ lives and it probably should be that way. I’m done pretending that xyz player is a great guy because they do such and such charities. We don’t know these people. And after buying two jerseys of him (only player jerseys I’ve ever bought), it was a shock to me that AD would be the kind of person to beat up his kid, have multiple kids with multiple women, etc. So I’m done idolizing these guys. I’ll admire them as football players but will realize that we just don’t know who these guys are. Hell, look at Darren Sharper. William and Mary graduate, and we all thought he was a great guy. I don’t know that Peterson has changed his life around. What we know is what is orchestrated in the media by these guys, and I’m not talking just about Peterson here. So what I’m saying is, I’m done having opinions on whether xyz football player is a great guy. I’ll just take them as football players and that’s good enough for me.” – moorhead

“Super Bowl, at least NFC Championship game, I predict barring a rash of injuries!!! Go Vikes, Haven’t been this excited about the Vikes since Brett Favre’s first year with the team!!!” – Vpurpleheaded

“I might lose respect for him if I hear about it again. But after 1 time I’m not going to change my opinion on a guy after 7 years. That’s way too hair-trigger reaction for me. I’d like to see how this plays out, how he finishes out his career, and if you ever hear anything like this and Adrian Peterson mentioned again. If not, he’s rock solid with me and I’m a father of 3 myself.” – PurplePounding

“The Prodigal Son returns. All it took was Daddy Zim to give him a frank message. Let the healing begin.” – Bawookles

“YYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!! We are going to be good this year. I feel it. I need it.” – floridaviking21

“I still respect him as a man and a football player I understand him because as I stated in a lot of my posts I am from the same part of the country that he is from and the same culture. In our part of the country it is expected of him to discipline his children. I think he might have gone a little to far with it, but that is because of the way it is viewed today, had this happened 10 years or so ago it would not have even made the paper. I think the NFL over reacted and this made him angry. There are people on this board and in the media who don't want the guy in a Vikings jersey and no matter what he does it will not change their minds. I respect Zimmer for taking his stand and showing what type of person he is: Classy.” – bayouvikings

“I am excited to have him back. He instantly makes this team better and a serious playoff contender. I love the statement Zim made about his 2 choices and it seems as if AD finally got the message and had a wake up call. I fully expect him to be a beast and am glad he is in our backfield. I am a little “uneasy” (you like that one ;) about AD as a person as well. But look at it this way, I, as well as thousands of Vikings fans, had to switch our frame of mind when we signed Brett Favre. I/we had to get used to liking him instead of despising him after all those years as a … Packer. That also made me uneasy at first :). I got over it and I’m sure once we are winning games and AD is tearing it up, I’ll get over this too.” – PurplePassion85

“I ragged on him as much as any detractor but this is really all he had to do was get involved and showed he's into the season. I still think we can win without him but he certainly does make our team better. Even if they re-work that contact with guaranteed money it's ok by me. They will need to re-do it anyway because they can't take that type of CAP hit when you factor in we will have some guys coming up soon. Now they need to ride the horse into the ground. Based on history, Norv [Turner] has no problem feeding a back a ton of carries which I hope this will be the case. Only way it makes it worth it.” – Charvik

“As a Viking fan for almost 40 years I would pretty much sell my soul to the devil for a Super Bowl title to help erase all the heartbreak. Welcome back Adrian!!! I don't agree with what you have done, but this franchise is starving for a championship.” – dave33outlaw

“A long frustrating issue ends well…couldn’t ask for anything more.” – PitbullDaddy

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