Peterson will be only Viking in top 100

Adrian Peterson will be the only Vikings player in NFL Network’s top 100. With 10 players yet to be named, the selections are obvious.

For Vikings fans who were holding out hope that the Vikings would have a handful of players – even a shop teacher’s handful – on the NFL’s Top 100 Players of 2015 list, they should have known about three weeks ago that guys like Everson Griffen and Harrison Smith weren’t going to show up on the list.

As it has done for the last nine weeks, NFL Network has counted down the top 100 projected NFL stars based on a vote of their fellow players. Was it a coincidence that Adrian Peterson opted to drop his objections with the Vikings and report to OTAs within a couple of days of being selected No. 62 for 2015 by his peers?

Peterson’s pride may bruised to be ranked behind seven other running backs and just three spots ahead of journeyman Justin Forsett of the Ravens, but Peterson will be the only Viking in the entire top-100 list, despite the fact that, with 32 teams, it should average out to be about three players per team. But A.P. is it and, as far as the NFL Network’s player-based rankings go, he is the only Viking deemed worthy of inclusion at the big table.

As people who enjoy announcing spoilers (Bruce Willis was dead during the movie. What?), we have made an annual tradition of breeching spoiler alert etiquette to announce the final 10 before the NFL does.

Here’s the list and it has a decidedly offensive look – not offensive as in there is only one Viking on the list, but players who toil on offense.

Nine of the 10 players yet to be announced by the NFL Network will include four quarterbacks. In what order they appear will be officially unveiled next week. But our peeps on the street are saying they will land in order as Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

There will be two running backs on the list. Who do you rank higher? The defensing rushing champ? Or a guy called “Beast Mode.” Given that defensive players vote, get your Skittles ready. It’s going to be Marshawn Lynch before DeMarco Murray.

There will be two wide receivers on the list. This one is tricky, because, as of right now in the offensive system Pittsburgh runs, Antonio Brown is the most dangerous and productive wide receiver in the game. But Calvin Johnson’s name hasn’t been called yet and AFC teams only face him once every four years. There’s no way he isn’t in the top 100. In fact, if the vote is strictly by players, a guy nicknamed “Megatron” could easily beat out a guy who caught nine or more passes in each of his final 15 games. Get your Transformers ready, even though Brown should win out.

There will be one tight end on the list – the incomparable party hound Rob Gronkowski. A large man prone to twerking has to earn the respect of his peers. Gronk has.

There is only one defensive player who is on the list and, for our money, he deserves to be No. 1 – Houston pass-rush manimal J.J. Watt. If the players are honest, this will be the MVP award he deserved last year but didn’t get.

Next year, there will be a minimum of one Viking on the list. How many more will there be? The answer to that will be determined between the Fourth of July and Christmas,

In that case, the more the merrier.

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