Wright feeling no pressure in contract year

Jarius Wright isn’t thinking about his contract year, preferring to focus on his job, not a future payday.

Jarius Wright had to miss over half of his rookie season with the Minnesota Vikings because of an injury, but since returning he has proved time and time again that he has the ability to be a big play threat whenever he touches the ball.

It all started in the first game of his career when he recorded a 42-yard reception as his first career catch. The big plays continued through the 2014 season when he produced a game-winning, 87-yard overtime touchdown rthat he originally caught behind the line of scrimmage.

Since he has the ability to make big plays, one would think that he would be on the field every play, but that isn’t the case. Wright is 5-foot-10, 191 pounds, which makes him more ideal to play the slot receiver role. By taking on this role it means he is only on the field during three-receiver packages, but he is amenable with that.

“In this league I just want to play, so if it’s on kickoff or special teams or anything like that I just want to play. I get some chances to play some slot and also I’ve been the outside receiver. I have the mindset to do both.”

This is going to be an important season for Wright because his contract will be up once the season is over. The Vikings will then have to make a decision on whether or not they want to re-sign him.

Wright isn’t too worried about his fate because training camp has just started up and there is still the entire season to play. Instead, he just tries not to think about it and focuses on getting better.

“I don’t feel any pressure at all,” he said about his contract. “I’ve been playing football my whole life. As long as you don’t think about the contract situation, then it’s not there.”

Before the Vikings drafted Wright, he spent his entire life in Arkansas. He grew up in Warren, where he was a multi-sport athlete, and after high school he went on to play his college ball at the University of Arkansas. One could imagine that moving up north was a big change for him, but he now views Minnesota as his second home.

For that reason he hopes that he can come to an agreement with the Vikings front office and continue his career wearing purple.

“I love Minnesota and right now. Minnesota is my second home to Arkansas, so of course I would love to be here,” he said.

With the football starting soon, the Vikings will have to start making some big decisions involving Wright, but he knows that it is his performance on the field that will determine his fate, so he is just focused on getting better and improving his game.

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