Zimmer’s quizzes keep Vikings on their toes

Mike Zimmer believes in every player having a general knowledge of every situation.

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer loves the game of football, and maybe more than that he loves to teach the game of football. He even took time out of his schedule to sit down with the local media that covers the team, broke down film for them and taught them why certain things may be happening in certain situations.

Zimmer is now trying to pass his knowledge for the game onto his players so they know everything about what is happening, not just their position. Players have already attested to this helping them out and it is something that Zimmer thinks is very important for them to learn.

“One of the things I try to do, not just with defensive players, but the entire football team, is I want them to learn more about the game of football, not just the position they play,” he said. “In our meeting I asked the defensive linemen something about a coverage position, or something like that. I want them to learn about football, I don’t want them to just learn about, ‘Hey, this is what I do; I don’t need to learn anything else.’ I want to try and teach them about the game.”

It turns out that the head coach will have a little quiz every day during their team meetings for a random player of his choosing. He will usually ask a defensive player an offensive question and vice versa, just so everybody on the team is on the same page with one another.

“Nothing specific, every single day he has a quiz for somebody,” said Vikings wide receiver Mike Wallace. “Every time we have a team meeting he’s going to come in and ask a general football question. He’ll ask an offensive guy a defensive question, a defensive guy an offensive question, so everybody’s on the same page and know the basics of football and not just your position.”

By doing this, he is not only teaching players himself but he is causing them to study other positions besides their own outside of the team meeting. This is because nobody wants to be the player who answers incorrectly.

Wallace even attested to studying up all the time so he can be ready when it is his turn for Zimmer’s quiz. He has not been tested yet, but he feels very confident that he will do well when his time comes.

“I never got one yet, but I’ve been studying though,” he said. “So I’m ready. I’ll always be ready every single day for a question, but he’s never asked me yet. So whenever he does I’ll be ready.”

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