Podcast: Old-school Vikings camp stories

Tales from the days of old from Minnesota Vikings training camps, from Carl Eller to Keith Millard and more.

You know all the updates about what is going on at Minnesota Vikings training camp this year by reading VikingUpdate.com, but in our latest Male Pattern Purple podcast, we recall some of the stories of days of old with the help of some of the old-time Vikings.

Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune and Tim Yotter of VikingUpdate.com discuss the most memorable training camp stories, most of them happening off the field, in the latest episode of Male Pattern Purple. What happens in Mankato bars after the players rush out to make curfew? How did Bud Grant’s message change on days off between the time Bob Lurtsema played and Greg Coleman played? Which player and coach were involved in a legendary stunt on top of the old Gage Hall that went from sheer panic to laughter?

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