Podcast: Assessing Teddy, Waynes and depth

Jim Souhan and Tim Yotter break down the Minnesota Vikings’ preseason opener. How good was Teddy Bridgewater or bad was Trae Waynes? It’s not that clear cut.

Teddy Bridgewater was 5-for-6 for 44 yards but the miss he had in the Minnesota Vikings’ preseason-opening win seemed to bother him. Should it have bothered him that much? Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune and Tim Yotter of Viking Update disagree to a point.

Of course, the micromanaging world of NFL analysis starts at the quarterback position, but it doesn’t just stop there.

Rookie Trae Waynes had three penalties, but it’s hardly time to give up on him. Fortunately for the Vikings, they seem prepared there with depth that should allow Waynes to develop and keep him from being forced into a significant role until that happens, whether that’s next month, later in the year or even after that.

Souhan and Yotter break down those performances, as well as some of the standout jobs done by other rookies, the depth at defensive tackle and cornerback, Mick Tingelhoff’s induction into the Pro Football Hall and all of the other segments on the Male Pattern Purple Podcast – What’s Irritating You, Overplayed Angle of the Week and Predictions Are Stupid.

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