For Vikings rookie Harris, the grind is good

Anthony Harris welcomed his three weeks of training camp after sitting out most of the offseason while recovering from a shoulder injury. Now he has to prove he belongs.

With his first NFL training camp wrapped up, undrafted rookie safety Anthony Harris feels like he is in a good spot. He understands that it is going to be a lot of work to make the team, so right now his primary focus is just to focus on getting better each day.

“I think (training camp) went well,” Harris said. “Coming into it, I tried not to put too many expectations on myself. I just tried to come out here, get better each day, learn what I could from the players around me and the coaches, and I felt like if I got better each day that was good progress. So I think I did pretty well coming out of camp.”

A lot of players, especially more of the veterans, talk about how much of a grind training camp is.

That was not the case for Harris, however. He had to miss a lot of time this offseason because of an injured shoulder, so he was excited to finally be able to get back out on the field and participate in the game he loves.

“Going through the NFL draft process I wasn’t really able to do much physically so for me it feels good to be out here getting that grind in,” he said. “Me not being able to do as much early on in the draft process so now I’m just glad to be out here.”

The rookie was one of the last players to leave the field on Thursday, the last day of camp. While all the other players were sprinting off the field to get in their cars and leave for home – Brian Robison even left his truck running during the walk-through – Harris stayed late with rookie cornerback Jalil Carter to work on some techniques.

“I’m a younger guy and he’s a guy who’s trying to get better as well, and a pretty young guy, so we’re just excited about getting better and maximizing our opportunity,” he said. “So if that means staying a few minutes late and get some extra work then that’s what we’ll do.”

The next step for Harris and the rest of the Vikings squad will be playing in Saturday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was not able to record any stats during the Hall of Fame Game last Sunday in his 17 snaps, so he will be looking to do that this time around.

He is still getting used to how the coaches run everything, so for now he is just waiting for his number to be called.

“I’m just actually figuring it out now,” he said. “I had the first game last week so I’m just going with the flow, going out there and just staying ready when my name’s called.”

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