Podcast: Vikings assessments on OL, LBs, more

Where do the Minnesota Vikings stand with their top roster battles and the offensive line? We discuss, along with one NFL quarterback getting punched and another declaring himself the best without any proof, along with a little golf talk – all while annoying each other.

The Minnesota Vikings’ offensive is making changes in the wake of Phil Loadholt’s injury, but there isn’t expected to be a major shakeup. In fact, the replacement isn’t even one of the top roster battles.

Star Tribune columnist Jim Souhan and VikingUpdate.com publisher Tim Yotter dive into the topics surrounding the Vikings, including the biggest roster battles, the expectations for T.J. Clemmings and some preseason stats that might mean nothing.

And it’s always a good show when one of them gets annoyed, which isn’t that hard in today’s media market. Only this time, it was Yotter annoying Souhan, which likely means he’ll revisit the phrases that irked Souhan. After trying it out for the first time, it’s only a small sample size, but we’ll progress to the mean and see just how annoying it gets over the next month for the MalePatternPodcast.com team. Listen in to make sense of that sentence.

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