Vikings LB Kaddu wants to play ‘by the book’

Minnesota Vikings LB Josh Kaddu is looking to prove himself to a familiar coach and some that are less familiar. So far, he’s getting that chance at all levels of the depth chart.

The Minnesota Vikings have a lot of talent at the linebacker position and they are not afraid to test out what they have available to them. They have been mixing and matching different players together with the third, second and even the first teams.

Josh Kaddu is one of the players currently fighting for a fighting spot and he thinks that all the competition is helping not only him, but all the linebackers on the team.

“It’s steep, everyday you have to come out and perform because you know everybody’s going to have a good day,” he said. “You have to bring your best every day. I think it’s really great for the room just brings the best out of everybody.”

Kaddu was originally a fifth-round draft pick of the Miami Dolphins back in 2012 and was placed on their practice squad after the team’s final cuts. He was eventually brought up during the 2013 regular season but was then placed back on the practice squad.

In 2014, he began training camp and the preseason with the Philadelphia Eagles but was waived before the final cuts. He was then signed to the Vikings practice squad and remained there until the final game of the season, when he was activated to the 53-man roster. Now that he has been with the team for over a year he feels as though he is far better than he was a year ago.

“I feel like I’m way ahead because last year I didn’t get to spend camp with (the Vikings) so it just feels great to be here at camp with everybody,” he said. “Going through the installs when you get them, so I’m just caught up with everybody else. It feels good because you’re out there and you feel like you can really play, but there is still a lot of things I need to improve on. But it feels good to know everything from a defensive standpoint.”

A big reason why Kaddu was signed to the Vikings in the first place is likely because of the team’s defensive coordinator George Edwards. The two were down in Miami at the same time and Edwards was his linebackers’ coach.

He likes having his old coach available to him and enjoys working with Edwards once again, but he has noticed a change in his demeanor.

“I feel like he is a lot more relaxed, towards the linebackers at least, because he was my coach at the time,” he said. “But he has filled in the role great. We’re doing some great things on defense and happy to have him a part of it.”

So far Kaddu has worked with the third-, second- and first-team defenses and those inconsistencies are likely to continue for as long as the preseason continues. He isn’t worried about the moving around because everything is the same to him, it’s just the people around him are different.

Proving himself to coaches is his primary goal.

“Just that I can make plays with the reps I get,” Kaddu said. “Show that I’m doing everything they want me to do by the book, how they want to do it to the book and doing it at a high level. So I just want to go out and perform at a high level with the reps I do get.”

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