Vikings reach purchase agreement in Eagan

The Minnesota Vikings announced that they have reached a purchase agreement on Eagan property and will look into it further as a possible spot for a future headquarters and practice facility.

Delta Air Lines Inc. absorbed Northwest Airlines Corp. in 2008 and on Thursday the Minnesota Vikings announced that they have signed a purchase agreement for the Northwest Airlines former headquarters property.

The approximately 185-acre space is located at the intersection of Dodd Road and Lone Oak Parkway in Eagan, Minn. With the agreement in place, the Vikings are now looking into the area of land further to see if it would be well-suited to create a new headquarters and practice facility for the team.

“As we have previously discussed, the existing Winter Park training facility poses space and flexibility challenges for the Vikings as we continue to grow and evolve,” said Vikings Chief Operating Officer Kevin Warren. “While we are evaluating a variety of options to accommodate the long-term needs of our football team and the organization at-large, this property is intriguing for several reasons. Not only does this location have tremendous space and flexibility for future growth, but it also offers proximity to both Minneapolis and St. Paul downtowns, as well as the airport. With this agreement in place, we now have an opportunity to perform a thorough evaluation of the site. We continue to appreciate our strong relationship with the community of Eden Prairie and the positive environment the city’s leadership has created over the past 30-plus years.”

If the team does decide to take the road of creating a new facility there, there would be multiple ramifications. Not only would they be moving away from their Eden Prairie home of Winter Park, but it could also mean the team would stay at their facilities for training camp instead of heading down to Mankato, Minn.

The Vikings just reached an agreement with the City of Mankato and Minnesota State University to continue their training camp there until at least 2018. But with a new facility, there is no telling if they would choose to continue to make the trip after then.

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