Monday Night Football will be double-feature event for family of Minnesota Vikings LB Eric Kendricks

Minnesota Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks will play immediately after his brother on Monday Night Football.

Minnesota Vikings middle linebacker Eric Kendricks is likely going to be part of NFL history Monday night.

Several players have been a part of Monday Night Football when they make their NFL debut. Brothers have played against one another on MNF. But, for perhaps the first time in league history, two brothers are going to be playing on Monday night, but not against each other.

Kendricks’ brother Mychal is a linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles will be playing at Atlanta in the early game of the Monday night doubleheader.

Since heading over to ESPN is 2006, Monday Night Football has had two games on Kickoff Weekend. It has doubled the pleasure and doubled the fun for football fans, but, in the Kendricks family, it’s a lopsided competition.

They’re all going to be making the short 150-mile trip from his hometown of Fresno to Santa Clara to see Eric’s debut. Having his coming-out party as close to home as it could possibly be – much less on the prime time stage – has Kendricks amped up to make an early impression.

“It’s going to be awesome. I can’t wait,” Kendricks said. “I’m going to have a ton of family there. You only play your first game once and I couldn’t have asked for much more than a game on Monday night in California, where I have a ton of friends and family.”

While his focus will be on the 49ers, you can bet he will be making sure to get the 411 on what Mychal did in his game against Atlanta. They’re joined by birth, but separated by time zones on Monday night, which will make both of the Kendricks brothers enjoying living out their football dreams by both playing on Monday Night Football and doing it on opposite sides of the country.

“For me, the coolest part is that my brother is also playing on Monday night,” Kendricks said. “I know brothers have played before against each other on Monday night, but our family is going to be represented in both games. Because my game is in California, the friends and family will be at my game. I don’t know if they’ll be able to watch his. I hope so. But it’s going to be pretty cool.”

Monday night is going to be a six-hour night of celebration for football fans who finally have their game back and wins and losses meaning something. But for those who know the Kendricks brothers, Monday night will have a little bit more significance.


  • For those who were wondering, because the Vikings and 49ers don’t play until Monday, the first injury report, which typically comes out on Wednesday, didn’t come out until yesterday. Fans should take note that the two teams combined only had four players listed. That likely will never happen again during the 2015 season.
  • Berwald Roofing and Sheet Metal Co., the company that had an employee die when he fell from the roof of U.S. Bank Stadium, will resume its work on the project today for the first time since the tragedy.
  • NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said in a pre-game interview with NBC Sports/Pro Football Talk that he wouldn’t discount the possibility of the league and the players union potentially agreeing on an expanded 18-game schedule that would eliminate two preseason games. While there would be a lot of factors that would need to come into play, Smith said the injury question of adding two games in which players are there most vulnerable to injury after taking a beating for 16 games will be paramount to any expansion of the schedule.
  • As if the Patriots don’t get enough bad press, the Steelers were hearing the radio call of the local Boston announce team in their coach-to-coach headsets Thursday night. Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said that every time his team has played in Gillette Stadium some sort of headset malfunction takes place.  
  • In a humorous note for Thursday’s opener between Pittsburgh and New England, Patriots fans asked in mass where Commissioner Roger Goodell, who lost in court to Tom Brady last week, was? The commissioner traditionally attends the kickoff game, but, given the public beef he has had with the Patriots over the Deflategate scandal, he didn’t show up at the game, prompting thousands of fans to chant, “Where is Roger?”

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