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Minnestoa Vikings fan’s beating captured on video

A Minnesota Vikings fan was kicked and punched in the face repeatedly at Monday night’s game.

Yet another incident of violence took place outside a stadium last night following the Vikings 20-3 loss to the 49ers. This time it involved a Vikings fan and several 49ers fans, most decked out in team gear.

A video posted on Facebook Tuesday showed a Vikings fan wearing an Adrian Peterson jersey being repeatedly kicked and punched in the face by 49ers fans in a pretty vicious manner.

There were no police in the area, according to an eye-witness account on Facebook, and only one event security personnel member was on hand to try to stop the fight. Eventually other fans broke up the fight, which lasted a little more than one minute, but even after the initial beating stopped, a couple of other 49ers fans jumped back into the fray to deliver a couple of more kicks to the fan.

Brandon Cosio, who uploaded the video to Facebook, wrote that an unidentified Vikings fan was “talking smack” with a 49ers fan as the situation escalated. The Vikings fan allegedly pushed the wife of the 49ers fan into a barrier, at which point the 49ers fan walked away. As a crowd began to gather, Cosio wrote that the Vikings fan goaded the crowd, allegedly saying, “Any of you (expletives) want some?”

At that point, he was tackled to the ground and beaten by several fans. Other fans can be heard yelling, “Stop it!” and “No more!”

In a statement from the Santa Clara Police Department, it was said that an investigation is ongoing, but on Tuesday they have yet to identify the victim or the suspects in the beating.

A statement released Tuesday by the 49ers said the organization is working with the local police to apprehend the suspects.

“We are aware of the disturbing incident following last night’s game and are working in collaboration with the Santa Clara Police Department to investigate,” the statement said. “The 49ers and our public safety partners have a steadfast commitment to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors to Levi’s Stadium and unacceptable behavior such as this will not be tolerated.”

Incidents of violence at sporting events have been well-chronicled throughout the country, the most high profile the beating of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow, who was assaulted by two Dodgers fans outside Dodger Stadium in 2011 – a beating that left Stow permanently paralyzed. An incident last year in Levi’s Stadium left a fan wearing Kansas City Chiefs gear with a serious brain injury as a fight broke out in a men’s room. One of the attackers was sentenced in July to five years in prison.

Fan violence has become a part of sports outings that span several sports with many fans of the visiting team being cautioned not to wear their favorite team’s gear because it will set them up to be targeted for abuse by local fans. It used to be just places like New York, Philadelphia and Oakland where fan violence takes place. Now it would appear to be an ugly trend that can happen anywhere.



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