Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer: Players move on after loss better than coaches

Mike Zimmer said players have an easier time moving on than coaches, but a call from Bill Parcells this week helped the process.

Mike Zimmer’s message has been consistent since Wednesday: Time to move on and prepare for the Detroit Lions.

However, Zimmer admitted that players have an easier time with that sentiment after a bad loss like the Minnesota Vikings endured in San Francisco Monday night.

Zimmer got a call this week from former NFL coach Bill Parcells, one of the best at moving on, according to Zimmer. Zimmer worked under Parcells in Dallas and has drawn from his experience.

“He was good at it. He was good at a lot of things,” Zimmer said of Parcells. “He called me this week, as a matter of fact, and we talked for a little bit. He’s always got some really good sayings and quotations for me.”

Zimmer said the generally accepted NFL practice of taking 24 hours after a loss to move on started with Parcells and the Cowboys.

A short week of preparation for the Lions on Sunday also helped the Vikings move onto the next task and forget last week’s letdown.

“I didn’t have as long a time to be grouchy as I wanted to. Our players did a good job moving on this week,” Zimmer said. “I think they understood the message that we were trying to portray to them and I think because of the urgency of division game, back at home, short week, I think all those things added to that.”

Zimmer said he looks at schemes and different calls he could have made after every game, win or lose. But ultimately it comes down to execution and when that doesn’t happen Zimmer lets his players know it.

“I like them, but sometimes I get mad at them,” he said. “I don’t have a hard time getting mad at them, but I don’t let it linger when I do. Usually. Usually, that’s the key word.”



  • No matter if it’s John Sullivan or Joe Berger at center, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has the ability to change protections whenever he sees the need. “Teddy has the right to override them at any time and he’s in charge of protections, making sure it gets all done right,” Zimmer said. “Berger is a Michigan Tech guy, so he’s pretty smart.”
  • Zimmer said he was happy with the performance of left tackle Matt Kalil on Monday night. “I’ve been very pleased with the things that Matt’s done, the way he’s working, the extra time that he’s spending,” Zimmer said. “He still has to continue to improve, as we all do, but I think he had a good preseason and I’m hopeful and confident that he will the rest of the way.”
  • Zimmer’s advice for fans at the home opener Sunday: “Get there early, get there tailgating and show some of that Vikings pride. Make sure not everybody’s jumped off that ship yet.”
  • The Vikings waived rookie offenisve lineman Tyrus Thompson from injured reserve. If he clears waivers, an injury settlement is likely coming.


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