Minnesota Vikings rising in the rankings

The Minnesota Vikings are rising in the rankings after winning three of their last four, even if they weren’t all pretty.

The Vikings may not have won their games in the most artistic ways, but their 3-2 record through five games is starting to garner some national attention when it comes to ranking who are the best and worst teams in the NFL.

The New York Post does weekly rankings and raised the Vikings from No. 16 to No. 10 in its latest rankings, saying of them, “Don’t count the Vikings staying off everyone’s radar for much longer.”

ESPN bounced the Vikings up one spot from 16 to 15 in its power rankings, saying, “An encouraging sign for the Vikings: They won Sunday despite getting just 60 rushing yards from Adrian Peterson, his fewest in a Vikings win since 2011.”

Yahoo Sports kicked the Vikings up to No. 10 as well, citing that the Vikings have won all three of their home games, adding, “If they’re a real playoff contender (as I think they are), that’s a good road game [at Detroit] you must win.”

The Washington Post moved the Vikings from No. 10 to No. 8, noting, “The triumph over the Chiefs wasn’t particularly convincing or inspiring. But the Vikings haven’t reached the point where they can be all that particular about how a win looks.”

NFL.com bumped the Vikings up to No. 10 in its rankings, saying, “specific kudos go to the defense, which has been the stalwart foundation of this team.”

USA Today moved the Vikings to No. 11, saying the Vikings could climb higher if they find a way to diversify the passing offense more.


ProFootballTalk moved the Vikings up from No. 15 to No. 10, citing that “With Mike Wallace, Stefon Diggs and Charles Johnson, the Vikings could have the best three wideouts in the NFL.”

Fox Sports has the Vikings at No. 9, up from No. 26 after Week 1, saying, “The Vikings defense has evolved into one of the NFL’s best thanks to its pass rush.”

Let’s not forget Business Insider. That bastion of sports acumen has the Vikings at No. 11, sending special bromance love the way of Blair Walsh.

Throw in CBS Sports and Pro Football Focus, who both have the Vikings ranked at No. 9 overall, it would appear all arrows are pointing upward on the Vikings – kind of like letting the rest of the world know that they can win games when their offense struggles.

It’s interesting that fans aren’t having such an easy time with acknowledging the progress of winning three of four games and the only loss was a road game in Denver that the Vikings had a good chance to win. Seeing as only 12 teams make the playoffs in the NFL, at least the outsiders are on board.


In an interview on WWE Network, Brock Lesnar gave some serious props to the Vikings and the NFL. Lesnar quit the WWE looking for a new life venture – only to come to the NFL. Mike Tice thought it was a good idea and signed him to the 90-man roster. Lesnar in an interview with WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin said that he knew two days into his stint with the Vikings that he was in over his head. To his credit, he was among the last cuts the team made back at a time when there were three cut-down days. For a guy who entered the Octagon, that’s respect.



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