Minnesota Vikings podcast: Teddy time? Yep, time to produce

Teddy Bridgewater executed his fifth fourth-quarter comeback on Sunday, but he’ll have to produce more consistently in the second half of the season, say our MalePatternPodcast.com guys, Tim Yotter and Jim Souhan.

Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune tries to motivate Tim Yotter of Viking Update applying the negative thoughts that Mike Zimmer worked with the Minnesota Vikings. He’s quickly dismissed and the podcast proceeds with football talk, like … 

  •  Teddy Bridgewater’s production
  • Todd Gurley being the a “young Adrian Peterson”
  • The run defense vs. Gurley
  • Zimmer’s four keys to success
  • Best pass protection yet … or just the Bears
  • Stat of the week – an amazing one on Gurley
  • What’s irritating Tim, besides Jim going negative
  • Why the NFL is weird this week – concrete stadiums and a monkey in court?
  • A prediction to motivate
  • Yotter grills Souhan on the Gophers and Wolves
  • And the post of the podcast from the VikingUpdate.com forums on the red zone


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