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Minnesota Vikings teammates love Stefon Diggs’ ‘swagger’

Stefon Diggs has reason to be confident with his fast start over the last month and he shows a quiet confidence that his Minnesota Vikings teammates love.

Minnesota Vikings rookie wide receiver Stefon Diggs is quickly becoming a household name in NFL circles as he continues to make big plays on the football field week after week. It’s clear he doesn’t mind being put in the spotlight, which is good because the more plays the brighter the spotlight is going to get.

After scoring touchdowns or making big plays, the rookie is often celebrating and seemingly one of his favorite moves is to find a television camera and give it a little wink. It’s not necessarily him being arrogant, it’s more so just his self-confidence and personality – and his teammates all love it.

“It’s always fun to have that around,” Vikings offensive lineman David Yankey said. “He brings energy, kind of injects a little bit of energy, especially into the offense when he makes a big play and has that confidence. It’s always something you can have a little bit of fun with.”

Yankey and Diggs have lockers right next to one another, so they spend a lot of time talking and goofing around with one another. It is a random pairing that actually came about by chance.

When the offseason workouts first began, Cullen Loeffler held the spot next to Yankey, but once the Vikings decided to part ways with the veteran long snapper the locker opened up for someone to move into. Just so happens that someone was a rookie receiver, the complete opposite of the veteran long snapper.

According to Yankey, Diggs never tries to be anyone he’s not, whether it is in the locker room or out on the playing field and that is what draws so many people to him.

“I think everyone has a little bit of an adjustment period, but he was pretty quick,” Yankey said. “He’s pretty comfortable in his own skin and he is who he is. I think that’s why people also really enjoy it because it’s genuinely who he is.”

Diggs’ locker neighbor is not the only person to have high praise for what Diggs’ personality brings to the team. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater loves the attitude that both Diggs and the rest of the receivers bring to the team.

“Those guys, I think they bring the swagger to the team,” Bridgewater said. “You look back in OTAs, those guys were competing against our secondary and throughout the course of training camp those guys were battling every day. That’s what you love to see, guys that have that confidence in themselves and know that they’re going to get the job done. Stefon is exuding that and that entire wide receiver room, like I always say, he has a great group of leaders in that room who show him how to get the job done and he’s been doing a great job for us.”


Even offensive coordinator Norv Turner has liked what he has seen from his rookie receiver. It may come as a surprise to some that the Vikings 63-year-old coordinator enjoys Diggs’ flashy “swagger,” but he just sees it as a guys showing his love for the game.

“I like to see it out of all players,” Turner said. “You want to see guys go play. I don’t refer to it as swagger, I think it’s an intensity and it’s guys who love to play. I think it shows up in different guys different ways. Diggsie just happens to be out there in the middle of the field and people tend to follow the ball.”

It is clear to anyone who watches footage of Diggs or has the opportunity to talk to him that the rookie is riding a bit of a high right now and enjoying the experience. The big thing for him is to make sure he continues to work hard and not let the success go to his head.

According to his teammates, that shouldn’t be a problem. As Bridgewater said, Diggs has a good group of veteran receivers around him in the locker room to keep him on the right track. 

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