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Chad Greenway knows the challenge with Anthony Barr’s injured hand

Chad Greenway played last year with a broken hand and Anthony Barr is going through a similar situation. Is there anything he can do to compensate?

Last year, Chad Greenway played through a broken hand and broken ribs. Now it’s Anthony Barr going through something similar with his hand injury.

“It just sucks,” Greenway said of trying to play with a broken hand. “There’s not really much for advice other than just everything you do – you can’t buckle your chinstrap, you can’t take on a block, you can’t grab cloth. You can only get so much use of your fingers. You’ve got to protect it at the same time, so it was just difficult.”

Greenway had the double whammy of trying to play with three broken ribs at the same time, but he said there is really no way to compensate for a broken hand while trying to tackle.

“Not really. You’ve just got to try to wrap when you’re tackling and use the other arm,” he said.

“It’s hands and feet (used the most). It’s not the most pleasant because you use them so much.”

While Barr, who is listed as questionable with his hand injury, is dealing with his physical challenge in the coming weeks, Greenway’s challenge may be more mental. Up until late in last week’s game, he hadn’t played middle linebacker in the base defense, but he was forced into that duty when starting middle linebacker Eric Kendricks was out and backup Audie Cole was lost of the season with a fractured ankle.

“I don’t know every rule in the middle linebacker spot, but I know enough to get lined up and how to make some plays,” Greenway said after the St. Louis game. “I know I wasn’t perfect. I certainly didn’t play as well as Eric and Audie did at that position, but I tried to make it work.”

Zimmer said he thought Greenway played well in that role, but Kendricks, who is listed as doubtful this week with a rib injury, laughed at the notion that he could be of assistance to the veteran in that situation.

“Chad’s extremely intelligent. I didn’t have to help him with anything. He’s been doing it for years,” Kendricks said before admitting there are challenges moving from one linebacker position to another.

“I would say it’s difficult because little things change. You definitely know the defense, but in your mind you have to switch your mind over a little bit. That’s the hardest part. It’s not easy, but if anybody can do it, it’s definitely Chad.”

Greenway said the coaches expect him to operate at middle linebacker, if needed, without missing a beat.

“From the coaching staff perspective, they expect it to be no different,” he said. “Just go out there and learn it so that’s just my job to be able to, if I do get put in that role, to pick that up.

“I’m just trying to learn everything and see what happens and see what position I’ll be playing. Hopefully it’s business as usual.”

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