Vikings Get Deal With Williams Done

The Vikings may have made some mistakes in the past, but they have taken a step forward tonight.<br><br> Working hard to get their first-round draft selection in camp, on time, the Vikings have agreed to a deal with Kevin Williams, and we have comments from a Williams representative and a team source on the process.

Getting first-round draft pick Kevin Williams under contract was not as difficult as either representatives for the player or the team thought. The reasoning behind getting a deal completed as quickly as it did was simple.
The Minnesota Vikings did not screw around, they offered Williams almost a deal that he simply couldn't refuse.
"The negotiations with the Vikings for Kevin (Williams) went very smoothly. Minnesota was pretty upfront with what they wanted to get done. They wanted Kevin (Williams) in camp Friday," Ken Kremer, one of Williams representatives said. "Minnesota was aggressive, they were prepared, there was really never an issue as to the draft slot that Kevin (Williams) was selected in."
Indications through conversations with a member of the Vikings front office was that the team optimistic. The team knew that getting Williams into training camp on time was very important, not only to the develop of the team, but the noted shot the team has incurred throughout the league for their reputation.
"It was almost imperative that we got a deal done with our first-round draft selection. He is going to be a big part of what we are doing here," a team source said. "The offer that we made (Kevin) Williams was one that proved the commitment and direction of this organization, as well as what we think of him as a player and person."
"While I can't disclose the financial details for the contract, Williams will make what is in line for a player selected in the position he was. The key for both parties was the signing bonus. Simply, he has some serious money to put in the bank."
Now, Minnesota will have their dream-team of Williams and veteran Chris Hovan together when training camp opens on Friday and practices begin Saturday.

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