Podcast: Focus is on Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings’ way

The Minnesota Vikings are winning, but questions remain (some real, some not so concerning) with Teddy Bridgewater and other aspects of the team. We break it down.

How is Teddy Bridgewater doing? The opinions vary, but the wins are coming at a pretty good clip.

Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune and Tim Yotter of VikingUpdate.com break down everything Minnesota Vikings in the latest episode of the Male Pattern Purple podcast.

Topics discussed:

  • How is Bridgewater looking?
  • This is just the Vikings’ way to win
  • Why feeding Adrian Peterson consistently is important
  • Shutting down Julio Jones
  • The humor in the stats for making the playoffs
  • The biggest threat with the Seahawks
  • The most concerning penalties


Plus all the regular segments

  • Stats of the week (weaker at home edition)
  • What’s irritating us?
  • The NFL is weird (“want Johnny Manziel now?” and more Browns edition)
  • Predictions are stupid, but the Vikings can make us right
  • Post of the podcast discussing the defensive MVP

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