Podcast: Reverse the Packers curse?

Tim Yotter and Jim Souhan unload stats, stories and scenarios surrounding Packers Week.

Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune and Tim Yotter of VikingUpdate.com enjoy Packers Week in Minnesota Vikings country, even if it hasn’t been pleasant for Vikings fans.

They discuss what Packers Week means this time around, what went terribly wrong last time and much more:

  • The record vs. Green Bay the last 12 times
  • Who is the bigger threat: Aaron Rodgers or Eddie Lacy (and the imposing stats they have against Minnesota)?
  • Playoff scenarios
  • The defensive depth
  • Stats of the week (the average score)
  • What’s irritating us (certain stats)
  • Why the NFL is weird (officials and coaches)
  • Predictions are stupid
  • Post of the podcast (playoffs show defense matters)


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