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Fan forum: Minnesota Vikings New Year’s resolutions

Vikings fans reveal their team-related New Year’s resolutions, from the team itself to their own resolutions as fans.

As we prepare to turn the page on another year, we thought it would be appropriate to ask a traditional question of fans:

“What’s your Vikings New Year’s resolution?”

The answers ranged anywhere from some personal quests to where this 2015 edition of the Vikes would end their season in the first few weeks of 2016.

“I’m experiencing one of them (a resolution) today by going to my first Viking game. This is a bucket-list item for me. Another bucket-list item for me next year and my resolution is to watch the Vikings knock off the Packers in Lambeau.” – Kelly Colovos, Bowling Green, Ky.

“Win the NFC Championship, go to the Super Bowl and win it.” – Alex Colovos, Bowling Green, Ky.

“To go to the Super Bowl and win the whole thing.” – Jessica Thompson, Brooklyn Park

“That the Vikings will beat the Packers on January 3 in Green Bay because I’m going to be there.” – Steve Johnson, Plymouth, Wis.

“Win a playoff game. That would be enough for me this year.” – Lyle Juberian, Maple Grove

“Just to watch the guys. I love to see them continue to progress and become winners. They have been getting better each year.” – Troy Petersen, Rosemount

“I wonder if the Vikings can make it to the Super Bowl again. I’m born and raised in Minnesota and I’m not even the biggest football fan in the world, but I’m behind the Vikings 100 percent and I’d like to see them seal the deal.” – Andrew Kovacs, Mounds View

“A Super Bowl win by the Vikings.” – Nancy Andrews, Omaha

“To get better on the offensive line. I’m not really happy with that group right now.” – Scott Willers, Lake City

“I suppose it should be enough making the playoffs this year and we’ll go from there. That’s enough for this year and we’ll just keep building.” – Mitch Feierabend, Brainerd

“My resolution is as an underdog in the playoffs, we’re going to surprise everybody and get to the NFC Championship game. We’re going to win a thriller and then we’re going to the Super Bowl.” – Jordan Hastings, Brentwood

“That they win the Super Bowl. Making the playoffs is not good enough. They have to win the whole thing.” – Jackie Meyer, Slayton

“My resolution is for the Vikings to make it to the Super Bowl. Of course, I’d like to win the whole thing, but I like to keep myself down at a level where I don’t have to shoot myself if they don’t make it.” – Matt Fitch, Albertville

“For New Year’s, I’d like to offer up a prayer and I’m hoping the team can strengthen up the offensive line. We need better protection from them.” – Glen Erazo, Albertville

“To make the playoffs and beat the Packers to get a home game in the playoffs.” – Dana Jackson, Duluth

“Winning the Super Bowl is the only thing that comes to mind.” – Russ O’Connell, Minneapolis

“Getting in the playoffs is a nice thing to do. Going to the Super Bowl would be fun, too. It’s a two-phased New Year’s resolution.” – Lynn Plaschko, Maple Grove

“I want to lay on the couch and watch more Vikings football in the future.” – T.J. Dawson, Ham Lake

“My hope is to watch the Vikings in the playoffs right here. Of course, I want them to go to the Super Bowl. Realistically, I’d like to see them get a home game here and win that and we’ll go from there.” – Tony Parsons, Cottage Grove

“A Super Bowl ring on every player’s finger.” – Peter Christenson, Ames, Iowa

“I’d be content to win a playoff game. We’re building it with baby steps.” – Mike Seidlitz, Savage

“I just want to continuously get better. I don’t want them to be just average for a few seasons and then take a big step back where they continuously rebuild every three or four years like it seems to have been since the mid-2000s. I just don’t like mediocrity and that’s what this team has become to me.” – Brian Arvin, Cottage Grove

“That would be to try and make every home game.” – Jon Jackson, St. Cloud

“For all Viking games, I’m going to tailgate for both home and away games for sure.” – Sam Villagomez, Brooklyn Park

“Making the playoffs is enough for me.” – Kent Thompson, Minneapolis

“We want to go to the Super Bowl. We don’t have to win. If we get there, I’ll be satisfied.” – Steve Smith, St. Paul

“Getting to the Super Bowl and winning the whole thing. We’ve been there before and it’s time to win it.” – William Langhorst, St. Paul

“To do more tailgating for the home games.” – Jay Schneider, St. Cloud

“To spend a little more time watching them every Sunday.” – Charlie Knudsen, Bloomington

“Just getting the Vikings into the Super Bowl would be enough for me.” – Christopher Gummeson, Minneapolis

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