Minnesota Vikings LB Chad Greenway: ‘There’s enough football left in me’

Veteran Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway wants to return for another season, but clarified “it’s an offseason decision.”

The Minnesota Vikings suffered a heart-breaking loss to the Seattle Seahawks in the first round of the playoffs. They dominated much of the game. It’s a tough pill to swallow for all the players and the fans of the team, but there might be a silver lining to the loss.

Last offseason, veteran linebacker Chad Greenway seemed to be leaning towards 2015 being his final season. He talked about the importance for him to reach the 10-year mark with the Vikings but would also talk about wanting to spend more time with his family as his three daughters continue to grow up.

After the game, however, there was no talk of the possibility of retirement. Instead, it sounds as though Greenway wants to come back to play at least one more year with the Vikings.

“I’m going to play one more year,” he said. “Just can’t seem to end like this.”

Of course, there are more factors going into this decision than just the veteran linebacker wanting to come back. You can be sure that he is going to sit down with his family to discuss it and their input will factor in a great deal to his decision.

The Vikings front office and coaching staff also has to decide if they want to bring Greenway back for an 11th season. But from all the positives that head coach Mike Zimmer has said about Greenway throughout the season, and the high level he was able to play at, it seems as though they would be ready to accept him back with open arms.

“Who knows what’s going to happen. It’s an offseason decision,” Greenway said. “It just doesn’t seem like immediacy of this ends right now … it doesn’t feel like we should be the football team going home right now and that’s hard. I mean, there’s so many factors that go into that question. I can’t really answer it, but there’s enough football left in me to play another season and try to go out differently.”

If you ask any player in the Vikings locker room, though, they would all want him to return next season. He is currently the most tenured player on the Vikings roster and commands a great deal of respect from everyone in the locker room.


“I feel glad to hear that,” said All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson when he was told Greenway wanted to stay. “Him leaving in this fashion is not what I would want for him. So he deserves more, and he has brought a lot of leadership, hard work and that warrior mentality to this organization. That’s my brother and I love him. When I’m out there fighting, he’s one of the guys I’m doing it for. So to hear that, it makes me feel real good. We need him around.”

Greenway could always change his mind about wanting to return for another season after reflecting on his career, this season and talking with his family. But for a player that has meant so much to the Vikings organization throughout his career, you can be sure he wants to go out on top. 

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