Mike Zimmer: Teddy Bridgewater can work on throwing motion

Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer left no doubt about his enthusiasm for Teddy Bridgewater, but he said the quarterback can work on his throwing motion in the offseason.

Mike Zimmer left no doubt that Teddy Bridgewater is the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings in 2016, but there is one thing the head coach wants his quarterback to work on mechanically.

“Really just coming over the top a little bit more,” Zimmer said.

Bridgewater had two passes batted down at the line of scrimmage – one by Michael Bennett and another by Frank Clark – in the Vikings’ first-round playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks, but Zimmer dismissed the notion that Bridgewater’s low release point was the cause of those.

“I don’t think that had anything to do with the ones that were batted down,” Zimmer said. “Sometimes when you’re throwing the ball over the middle it’s short-trajectory throws, but you still have to find windows to throw it in.”


Bridgewater had a solid game against the Seahawks in the third-coldest game in NFL history, finishing with more completions (17) than Seattle’s Russell Wilson (13), despite throwing two fewer passes and had a higher passer rating – Bridgewater finished at 86.5; Wilson at 63.3.

The second-year quarterback said on Monday that he would like to be “more aggressive” in his third season, and Zimmer complimented the quarterback’s attitude.

“Everything about Teddy I love,” Zimmer said. “There’s not one thing I don’t love about this kid. He’s got the right demeanor, the right heart, the right competitiveness and he’s a worker. He makes quick decisions so we need to continue to move forward with him and keep going.”

Bridgewater finished the season with 3,231 yards in the regular season, 22nd in the NFL, but averaged only 27.9 attempts per game, 40th in the NFL. He had a goal of completing 70 percent of his passes, and he ended up completing 65.3 of them, 22nd in the NFL. His 88.7 passer rating was also 22nd among quarterbacks that threw at least 150 passes.

In case there was any doubt that the Vikings expect Bridgewater to be their starter in 2016, Zimmer ended that.

“I think that we always want to look to bring quarterbacks in, not necessarily to compete with Teddy. Teddy is our quarterback. He’s going to be our quarterback and there’s no doubt about that going forward,” Zimmer said. “We’re always going to be looking for quarterbacks. I think it’s an important position, whether it be in the draft or free agency or wherever that we continue to have guys at that position.”

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