Concerns Over Kleinsasser

While head coach Mike Tice is downplaying the severity of the injury, VU has been told there is inside concern about the plantar fascia injury to Jim Kleinsasser.

Plantar fascia is a dirty word in Minnesota sports. A foot injury that involves the painful swelling of connective tissues, it has ended careers and ruined seasons for team members of the Vikings, T-Wolves and Twins.

The latest to come down with plantar fasciitis is TE Jim Kleinsasser. He has been very limited the last two days after his injury "flared up" Tuesday. While Mike Tice said the injury isn't a big concern, VU has been told that not everyone shares that opinion.

Since injuries like these only heal with rest, there is concern that it may linger and cause more problems throughout the preseason and even into the regular season if not dealt with immediately. VU will follow up on this story as needed, but it is clearly not the open and shut case Tice is making it out to be.

* As expected, the Vikings and Chiefs got a little chippy with each other during Wednesday's practices. The two teams conclude their combined practices today.
* Although Larry Ned was declared the top RB of the first day of practice, offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said it was about 50-50 that Onterrio Smith will start the season as the Vikings starting RB.

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