Podcast: At Super Bowl 50 with former Minnesota Vikings center Matt Birk, columnist Tim Cowlishaw

Jim Souhan has conversations at the Super Bowl with former Vikings center Matt Birk and Dallas columnist Tim Cowlishaw.

Jim Souhan talks with Dallas columnist Tim Cowlishaw and former Minnesota Vikings center Matt Birk.

With Cowlishaw, the topics included:

  • His role on “Around the Horn”
  • His book “Drunk on Sports”
  • The important elements of Super Bowl 50
  • Mike Zimmer’s time in Dallas

On his conversation with Birk:

  • Brett Favre with the Vikings
  • Working for the NFL and his talks with John Madden
  • Improving the game of football with youth
  • Being a soccer guy before a football guy
  • Why youth shouldn’t specialize in sports
  • His Super Bowl experience
  • Not taking life too seriously


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