Mackensie Alexander: NFL draft’s most confident player

Mackensie Alexander gave an entertaining, informative media interview at the NFL Scouting Combine that would likely indicate positive reviews in his meetings with teams, too.

Mackensie Alexander didn’t start a college game until 2014 after redshirting as a freshman, but after two years of starting at Clemson, the cornerback lacks no confidence.

“I’m a competitor, and they’re all competitors, but at the end of the day I’m going to say it – and a lot of you guys will say it – I’m the best corner in this draft class,” he said when asked where he stacks up in this cornerback class. “You know what I mean? If you look at stats, my numbers, who I am as a person, who I’m competing against – I went against the best receivers in the country. I went against more of the top receivers than anybody in this draft class, and I’m going step for step. I’m not just moving outside, I’m going inside. I’m playing zone, I’m able to blitz, I’m able to show my versatility, everything.”

While he doesn’t lack confidence, he does lack an interception in his career as teams often avoided throwing the way of the self-described “lockdown corner.”

“I had some opportunities to come up with some picks in my career. I didn’t come up with them at the end of the day,” he said. “I’m taking it like a man, you know, but in a lot of situations, where I wasn’t challenged very much. A lot of quarterbacks and teams stayed away from me. That was their game plan. That’s it, really. That’s how I answer that.”

He is the second-ranked cornerback in’s draft rankings and the 17th-ranked player overall, but some consider him the best cornerback in the draft. That list includes Alexander himself.

“I’m a lockdown corner, but I’m able to do a lot of things. As a corner, I can play zone, I can play man,” he said. “We do a lot on our defense because our safeties and our corners are very multiple. We had a great D-line. We had a great overall defense, so we could do things and match any other team and do anything. So I’m able to do a lot for my team.”

He realizes how he comes across – ultra-confident but not arrogant – and doesn’t mind it.

“I mean, this is me. This is me,” he said. “Imagine me on game day.”

At the end of a nearly 12-minute, highly entertaining interview at the NFL Scouting Combine on Saturday, he was asked if he ever takes a breath.

“I just did,” he said in a line that had the room bursting in laughter. “Thank you.”

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