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Fan forum: What Minnesota Vikings fans want

As free agency starts to open up and the draft is in the offing, Vikings fans talked about what they want to see change from a player personnel perspective from 2015 to 2016, and the opinions varied significantly.

Now that the offseason has settled in for NFL fans, everyone has the chance to wear a different hat. Instead of being a pseudo-coach, they can envision themselves as a director of player personnel. With that, we asked Minnesota Vikings fans at the end of last season what they would do if they could call the shots

Fan Forum Question: “What would be your priorities in terms of the Viking roster and upgrades to the personnel for 2016?” 

“Wide receiver and always a good defensive linemen. Teddy Bridgewater needs a little bit of help on the outside and we’ve always been Purple People Eaters at heart, so we need some big guys in the middle.”
– Kent Morgan, St. Paul, Minn. 

“I’d like to see the defensive backfield shored up. We’ve had a lot of injuries. Maybe one or two draft picks back there and we’ll be just fine.”
– Tim Colovos, Bowling Green, Ky. 

“I think the current linebackers are doing pretty good but you can always improve that spot, so I think we should look there first and then the offensive line.”
– Jamie Gutierrez, Brooklyn Center, Minn. 

“We need to beef up the offensive line. We need to fix one of the spots at the guard and tackle positions. Our current guys are improving and coming along but we need some experience there.”
– Dan Johnson, Sartell, Minn. 

“The offensive line had a lot of health issues last season, but we need to take care of those tackles so Teddy can have some time back there.”
– Ethan Lancaster, Minneapolis, Minn. 

“Right offensive tackle and linebacker. I think Phil Loadholt is done and I don’t like the guys we have there right now. Anthony Barr seems to be hurt all the time, and as much as I love Chad Greenway I think he’s almost to the end and we’re going to need to draft those two spots for sure.”
– Mark Steinbach, Des Moines, Iowa 

“Offensive guard and linebacker. Offensive guard obviously because we can’t protect our quarterback properly. Linebacker because we’re going to put together a top-five defense – we’re already almost there – and if we add another linebacker similar to Anthony Barr and Eric Kendricks we’re going to be pretty much unstoppable.”
– Dylan Bailey, Chanhassen, Minn. 

“We need a middle linebacker who is a thumper. We need a middle linebacker who is going to come downhill and blows things up. We also need another safety. We are definitely looking for defense. The offense will be fine.”
– Thomas White, Roseville, Minn. 

“I’m a little worried about the longevity of Adrian Peterson. I think he’s the most amazing running back I’ve seen in my days. As the seasons continue to progress and if Jerick McKinnon can step up and take A.P.’s spot, that would be great. Once A.P. goes, we need the best running back in the NFL to keep us going so we need a solid running back.”
– Patrick Kovacs, Farmington, Minn. 

“Offensive line and we could use another backup running back. We don’t have enough protection for Bridgewater from the line and he’s getting hit to the ground way too many times. Adrian is not going to be able to stay with this for many more years so we need another running back to back him up.”
– Randy Fleck, Rogers, Minn. 

“Offensive line across the board. John Sullivan was out and it will be nice to get him back. Phil Loadholt was out too. Maybe when we get the main guys back it will be better. But Norv Turner had to work with what he had.”
– Keith Hughes, Richfield, Minn. 

“We need an upgrade on the offensive line. I would look at tackle first, maybe guard. I know we had some injuries last year. It would also be nice to have another receiver in the group.”
– Chris Vasquez, St. Paul, Minn. 

“I think they need to improve the offensive line across the board. The opposing teams are breaking through our line too many times and not giving our quarterback enough time to be able to execute the plays in the manner that he needs to. Our defense does a pretty good job so my issues are just with the offense.”
– T.J. Crawford, Sioux City, Iowa 

“We need to work on a receiver. To me, that’s the biggest need. We have Stefon Diggs and we need to find a complement there. Mike Wallace might pan out, but we need to figure out a way to find someone in free agency.”
– Charlie Schneider, Bloomington, Minn. 

“Offensive line for sure. Matt Kalil needs some help up there. The defensive line can use some depth too and that showed when Linval Joseph got hurt. They just need to be strengthen up a little.”
– Ryan Hubbard, Minneapolis, Minn. 

“Offensive line, inside at the guards and the center position. They got kicked around every game.”
– Barry Carlson, Eden Prairie, Minn. 

“Offensive line across the board for sure. We needed to do a better job of protecting Teddy. He just didn’t have the time he needed to do what he needs to do even though he does hold onto the ball too long. We also need more depth in the defensive backs.”
– Seth Mueller, Rochester, Minn. 

“Definitely offensive line and probably could use some more help in the receivers. There simply wasn’t enough protection up front. We also don’t have enough big playmakers in the wide receivers spot.”
– Casey Petersen, Plymouth, Minn. 

“To me, it’s the offensive line. We could use a little more depth with all the injuries we had. That hurt them a little bit. We played good with what we had, but more depth would help.”
– Bob Harris, Eagan, Minn. 

“I’m thinking a deep threat at wide receiver would be real nice. Maybe an offensive lineman too. I like our defense. I think they’re doing good. But we need some balls in the air deep to get the passing game going.”
– Jon Tweten, Moorhead, Minn. 

“If I get two, offensive line and offensive line. Left tackle and left guard. We have to shore up that line and protect Teddy a little bit better.”
– Luis Aguilar, Columbia Heights, Minn. 

“Offensive line. We just need a road grinder, somebody that can maul someone and create bigger holes for Adrian Peterson. And then I think anybody on defense that’s an impact player. The defense has taken a step in the right direction. They are a force to be reckoned with when they are healthy and if they can add one more piece to it, defense wins championships.”
– Derek Burke, Lakeville, Minn. 

“That would be anyone of the offensive linemen. Teddy ran too much because he didn’t have time to throw.”
– Linda Welch, Brooklyn Park, Minn. 

“I’m going to go with the wideouts. I just want to see the old bomb from the Randy Moss era, to the Carters, to Gene Washington.”
– Michael Jackson, Elk River, Minn. 

“I’m going to have to say tight ends. We need more production from them.”
– Joe Smith, St. Paul, Minn. 

“Offensive line and another receiver. I didn’t see much of anything from the left tackle but a lot of that I think was that Teddy held the ball too long. As far as the receivers, Mike Wallace was bust, but that could be play-calling.”
– Korey Larsen, Buffalo, Minn. 

“Offensive line at the tackle spot. We need more consistency and better blocking. I’d also say defensive secondary because we struggle in coverage.”
– Mary Gallagher, Minneapolis, Minn. 

“Defensive back for sure, especially at the strong safety position. For the last 10 years, we tried different strong safeties and we haven’t been able to get it done. We need someone who can cover and tackle. The offensive line also and it doesn’t matter the position – anywhere, whoever is the best player available.”
– Shannon Humbert, Cold Spring, Minn. 

“I’d say anything across the board on the offensive line. I think we have a great quarterback who simply needs better protection.”
– Terry O’Brien, Shakopee, Minn.

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