Minnesota Vikings podcast: Why free agency stinks

Free agency is complicated on many levels, from deciphering the noise to figuring out if the big-buck signings are really worth it. A look at where the Vikings stand … and could stand.

Free agency is a complicated beast, where filters are required. Tim Yotter of VikingUpdate.com and Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune take a look at where the Minnesota Vikings stand in free agency, who they have signed and who they could sign and won’t sign.

  • Who they have signed?
  • Who is left to re-sign?
  • Who they have restructured?
  • Who could be cut?
  • Who could interest them?
  • Who is now out of reach?
  • Why does familiarity matter?

Plus all the regular segments

  • Stats of the week: On the safety rankings
  • The NFL is weird: Too much power
  • Predictions are stupid: What’s Loadholt’s role
  • What’s irritating us: “Legal tampering,” free-agent filters
  • Yotter grills Souhan: Byung Ho Park, what’s Russo saying, golf getaways
  • Post of the podcast: A fan’s view of free agency

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