Minnesota Vikings opening elite seating venues for The Bank

The Vikings announced Monday that their own area of the U.S. Bank Stadium construction project will get fast-tracked for completion upon the stadium opening this summer.

The Minnesota Vikings announced Monday that it will fast-track some high-end luxury boxes in U.S. Bank Stadium that initially weren’t expected to be completed by the stadium’s opening in July.

The areas, referred to in a release by the Vikings as “cabins,” a Lodge Bar and a Truss Bar, are going to provide an elite view of games – even if the game itself may be somewhat secondary to the atmosphere.

Located in the northeast corner of the stadium, the suites will have a unique view of the field, the Jumbotron on the west end of the stadium and the Minneapolis skyline feature that was planned to be a feature view of the new stadium.

The question the Vikings are mulling now is how much to charge for the newly created seating? The space is currently expected to house about 900 people, with 300 of those including permanent seats with which to watch the game.

Although the Vikings announced the availability of the cabin and bar seating areas, the announcement didn’t come with pricing numbers. According to a story on the Vikings website, “the team is currently formulating its price and availability (seasonal or game-by game) plans for the spaces and will unveil final details in the near future.”

The space in which the construction will take place has been “shelled” – closed off from the rest of the project – throughout the process. As the clock counts down to there being a profitable use for that mothballed space, the Vikings are making their move.

The cost of the construction is estimated at $7.5 million and will be paid by the Vikings. It can only be assumed that, as such, any money generated through the 17,500 square foot space – miniscule in comparison to the overall stadium footprint – will be quite a valuable sliver of real estate.

Given the success of filling the other available pre-order seats at new stadium – only 3,500 Stadium Builder’s Licenses of 49,500 that were made available still remain – it stands to reason that the high-end seating will just as readily be grabbed up. From the looks of things, that won’t just include a gratis program and a purple waving towel on your seatback on Vikings game day. 

In a facility the size of U.S. Bank Stadium, 17,500 square feet is a drop in the bucket. Until Monday, it was little more than an unused broom closet.

Now, it’s a place that, if you work for a corporation that rewards hard work, you may get cabin fever for a Vikings game. Chances are, the boss will be picking up the check, but it may well be the best luxury fan experience Minnesotans are going to have.

Get your caviar ready.

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