Vikings-Ravens, NFL Games Won't Be Played

Just minutes ago, league sources have reported that this weekend's games, including Monday's Vikings-Ravens game, will not be played this weekend.

In light of the tragedies in New York and Washington D.C. Monday, the NFL announced minutes ago that the slate of 15 NFL games this weekend will not be played.

It is not known immediately what the plan is for these games -- the most likely scenarios would be to back the regular season up one week and put the Week 2 games at the end of the regular season, back up all games for the rest of the season one week, continue with the regular season schedule and possibly eliminate the wild card weekend giving just four playoff spots to each conference or simply cancel the games altogether and go on with the season starting next week. Under the cancellation scenario, most teams would play 15 games, but San Diego would play 16 games because of their bye already being scheduled this weekend.

VU has been told one of the most vocal owners against playing was Art Modell, owner of the Ravens, who the Vikings would have played Monday night. VU will follow this story and update it later today when we get more information from league sources.

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