New Minnesota Vikings stadium has seats on rails

U.S. Bank Stadium now has all of its seats installed and they are uniquely positioned on rails so they can be adjusted for different events.

For those who have already purchased tickets for the Minnesota Vikings, a high-end soccer match, Metallica or Luke Bryan, there is good news for all of you. The letter and numbers on your ticket are waiting for you to do what you do.

The Vikings announced that they had reached a milestone. All of the seats at U.S. Bank Stadium are locked and loaded, but they’re not locked down.

On Tuesday, the last fixed seats in U.S. Bank were completed – 58,000 fixed seats and 6,000 retractable seats.

What makes the seating at The Bank different from most stadiums is most stadium seats are entrenched within the concrete poured in the stadium. The seats at The Bank are on rails. Seats range from 19 inches to 22 inches wide and from 33 inches to 35 inches between rows.

The Bank isn’t the first stadium to engage the process of moveable seats – they can be contracted and expanded as needed. If nothing else, for stadium naysayers, it would seem that several permanent jobs have been created to make sure the rails run on time.

The plan is that the footprint of the stadium will be altered for the different events, providing divergent views of the action depending on the sport or event involved.

“The seating in this stadium allows some of the best sightlines for all events. From high school baseball to concerts to soccer to NFL football, we will offer a premier viewing experience,” Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority chair Michele Kelm-Helgen said. “The seats are wider with more legroom and I think eventgoers will all be pleased. This final seat installation marks another major milestone on our march to opening on time.”

Opening is one thing. Maintaining the railroad infrastructure may prove to be something worth monitoring as The Bank gets broken in like a billion-dollar pair of jeans.

U.S. Bank Stadium has the closest seats (just 41 feet from the sideline) and the closest turf suites (just 25 feet from the sideline) in the NFL.


  • DeVondre Campbell, a linebacker for the University of Minnesota, will be making the rounds next week, including a stop with the Vikings. Campbell has scheduled visits with Arizona April 5, the Vikings April 6, Kansas City April 7 and Atlanta the following week, according to the Pioneer Press.
  • Waiting for the 2016 schedule to be released? You’re going to have to wait a little longer, but you can anticipate that it will be released somewhere in between April 19 and April 21. Over the last three years, the unveiling of the schedule has become a weeknight event for NFL Network. Over the last three years, the schedule has been released Tuesday, April 21 in 2015, Wednesday, April 23 in 2014 and Thursday, April 18 in 2013.
  • Wide receiver Mike Wallace’s alleged shot across the bow in the direction of Teddy Bridgewater (one that Wallace said wasn’t aimed at Bridgewater) wasn’t reciprocated by Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer. At the owners meetings, Zimmer was asked about Wallace and said, “I loved him. I thought he was a great kid. I think (Ravens head coach) John Harbaugh and the guys over there are really going to like him as a person, as a competitor.” 

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