Minnesota Vikings podcast: Chad Greenway returns, writers rejoice

The Vikings had myriad reasons to bring back Chad Greenway and we thank them. Plus, looking further at Cordarelle Patterson, the draft, the stadium, and getting way off track.

Viking Update publisher Tim Yotter and Star Tribune columnist Jim Souhan thank the Vikings for bringing back Chad Greenway and discuss much more surrounding the Minnesota Vikings:

  • Greenway returns, why and what does it mean?
  • What’s the plan after Greenway?
  • After WR, greatest position of need left?
  • What’s the surprise position the Vikings could choose?
  • Stadium technology keeping up with design elements
  • What do the “top 30” visits mean?

Plus, all the regular segments:

  • Stat of the week: “Net above average” stats show why Cordarrelle Patterson was used as he was
  • The NFL is weird: Twitter wins, does the NFL? And getting way off track on health concerns
  • Predictions are stupid: Why a surprise pick in the first three rounds?
  • What’s irritating us? DIY time
  • Yotter grills Souhan: Jim at The Masters, best championship game, early Twins
  • Post of the podcast: A bold pick? Or is it a reach getting too cute?

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