Kleinsasser Injury Worse?

While the Vikings continue to downplay the severity of it, VU continues to hear the foot injury to Jim Kleinsasser is more serious than what is being said.

Last week, VU was told that Jim Kleinsasser's plantar fascia injury was something much more serious than the "no big deal" line being used by Mike Tice. A week later, the Vikings continue to say the injury is nothing severe, yet concede Kleinsasser will miss the next two weeks of practice.

As VU was told last week, the painful foot injury only clears up if rested, and recurring problems happen often with similar injuries. Tice said he played with a similar injury during his playing career and that Kleinsasser will have to learn "how much pain he can play through."

The current plan is to sit Kleinsasser for two weeks and hope that is sufficient. It was added that, if this was the regular season, Kleinsasser would play. Whether that's true or not is unknown. What is known is that VU's source is right -- Kleinsasser's injury is more severe than the team has let on and it may be a problem in two weeks, too.

* Look for Byron Chamberlain to see plenty of action is the preseason. Seeing as he can't play after the opening weekend of the regular season, there's no sense saving him for Week 5.

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