Minnesota Vikings podcast: The draft and sweet-smelling smoke

Tim Yotter of Viking Update and Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune tell their favorite draft-day stories, which strangely includes a lot of marijuana references, and they try to activate their glutes.

We’re not sure how it turned into the 420 show, but some of our bizarre Minnesota Vikings draft memories include recalling strange outbursts from fans and media, including the birds flying from the indexes of an elderly woman and “the marijuana guy.”

The draft does strange things to people and we recall some of them:

  • Mike Tice getting booed and flipped off
  • Covering a draft with no early picks
  • The Vikings surprised at least one by drafting “the marijuana guy”
  • The current Viking that actually (refreshingly) admitted he thought he’d last longer in the draft


And then some more modern-day draft talk and news items:

  • Predictions for the Vikings first round
  • News from the workouts on John Sullivan’s back, Everson Griffen’s “glute activation” and Alex Boone’s sarcastic stylings
  • The new approach to weights and conditioning
  • Stats of the week: 15 Hall of Famers vs. 14 Hall of Famers regarding the draft
  • The NFL is weird: The “lucky” 25 prospects
  • Predictions are stupid: How many picks, and they’ll love them all
  • What’s irritating you: Late-round minutia
  • Yotter grills Souhan: Biggest draft bust in Vikings history, drafting a punter, thoughts on Timberwolves’ Tibs
  • Post of the podcast: What the Vikings essentially gained by waiting on Teddy


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