Minnesota Vikings WR Laquon Treadwell shares special moment with his daughter

Minnesota Vikings first-round pick Laquon Treadwell discusses the moment he shared with his daughter when he brought her out on stage with him.

The first night of the NFL draft is always a spectacle filled with a lot of memorable moments. Unfortunately, the most memorable moment in the first round of the 2016 draft seemed to be Laremy Tunsil falling out of the top-5 and then the top-10, all the way to No. 13 overall because of his Twitter page being hacked and the hacker posting a video of him smoking marijuana through a gas mask. 

It caused other memorable moments, of a more positive kind, like the one that Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Laquon Treadwell shared with his 3-year-old daughter Madison, to get over looked. 

After it was announced that the Vikings had selected Treadwell with the No. 23 overall pick, he walked out onto the stage to go meet commissioner Roger Goodell, as do all the other players present in the green room. The only difference was he had a guest go out on the stage with him, his daughter.

“It was just natural,” Treadwell said when asked what his thought process was behind bringing her with him on stage. “It was just that important to me to bring her. Going away to school, that was my goal, to reach us to this level, because I knew I had to take care of my daughter. That was what I wanted to do and I just felt like it was the best thing to do for me.”


Madison was able to steal the show for a short moment, the way Riley Curry has multiple times before at her dad’s press conference. Treadwell seemed to light up a little more when talking about his daughter and seemed a little surprised with how well she handled being up on stage in front of all those fans.

“I would think she practiced for it, honestly,” Treadwell said with a bit of a laugh. “She was, like every picture, she was posing and it’s like she knew it was coming. The questions she answered she was spot on. I was thinking she was going to say something else, but it was fun, it was enjoyable, I think she enjoyed it all. I think she felt the energy of the whole city and felt good about it, was in high spirits the whole week, just was happy for me. She wouldn’t stop jumping around from morning to night, couldn’t slow her down, but it was fun and I enjoyed it, being with her.”

The first-round pick said that Madison is his biggest blessing and is often the one that keeps him grounding through everything. Whenever he is out on the field working hard, or competing in a game, he always comes back to reality because he knows that he still has to be a father and look out for her. He needs to be the one to help teach her and it really helps show how mature he is for being just 20 years old. 

Vikings general manager Rick Spielman also feels that he is very mature for a player of his age and gives a lot of credit to Treadwell being a father and trying his best to take care of his daughter.

“I think that kind of went a long way in what you saw last night – how important his daughter is to him and how responsible towards his daughter, and how much she means to him,” Spielman said. “I think that gives you a sense of his maturity level.”

Last night was a life-changing event that Treadwell likely will hold onto for the rest of his life. And it was made even more special by that fact that he got to share it with his daughter and in Chicago, which is less than an hour from his hometown of Crete, Ill., with his friends and family. 

“It was an amazing experience that me, for my family, my friends, will ever forget,” he said. “We share that to the grave and it was just amazing. I never thought, starting playing football at 10 years old and then 10 years down the road, I would be back in Chicago getting drafted to the Minnesota Vikings. I’m honored, I’m blessed, I’m grateful, I’m glad to be here and I’m just looking forward to getting my career started at the next level.”


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