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What do you get with your membership to and In addition to the dramatically enhanced coverage, the discounts you receive on tickets and merchandise are enough to pay for the membership.

You’ve seen occasional promotions for becoming a member of and, but what does that all entail? What are the benefits of a membership?

Many, actually.


* CONTENT: On an editorial basis, your membership enables you access to all of Viking Update’s stories, from exclusive interviews and insights to analysis on what how effective a player has or hasn’t been, plays that sealed a win or mistakes that yielded a loss. From a look at the analytics to the personal reactions from players, those are all part of the stories that members of Viking Update get to read.

But the content doesn’t end with stories just written by the staff at Viking Update. Members not only get those stories, but they get to read all the stories around’s NFL network or team-focused sites, fantasy stories, as well as all of the college sites and the recruiting coverage they undertake. What that means is you are able to go back in history and see what a current Viking might have been doing in high school or college, get interviews, highlights and reactions from those days and film of certain players from their high school days.

* THE BEST FANTASY ADVICE: Are you a fantasy player? Are you looking for an edge in your league? With a Premium Membership, you get free access to all of Scout's brand-new awesome Fantasy content ( from industry gurus like Dr. Roto,Shawn Childs and the top fantasy analysts in the business! 

* GREAT TICKET DEALS: Members get a 10 percent discount on all of your ticket needs for Vikings games, other sporting events and concerts, and up to a 30 percent discount on theme parks and movie theaters (just use the menus on the ticket page linked previously).

* DISCOUNTS ON TEAM GEAR: New this year is premium members getting a 10 percent discount on all your gear needs with our new partnership. Just click here for that.

Think about how much you can save on your entertainment and merchandise purchases. If you buy tickets to Vikings games, other games, movies or merchandise, the savings you get on purchases can be enough to pay for your membership and more.

* INTERACTION: Besides access to all those sites on, you get personal interaction with Viking Update’s writers on the premium Winter Park Whispers message board as well as play/sit questions from world champions on our fantasy football message boards. Have a question about a story, a player or something else that wasn’t covered. Head to Winter Park Whispers and ask us.

* MOBILE APP: has also developed an app for iPhone users to keep in touch with all things Vikings while you are on the go. View our stories on your mobile device, get alerts and notifications on when new stories are posted. Just search for in the app store on iPhones or Google Play on Androids. Scout has also improved the interface on the app for message boards.

* VIDEOS: Part of increased focus over the last year has been directed at increased and improved use of video, and members are able to access all of them, from our video takes on current Vikings topics to interviews with players and highlight from select practices.

* SUPPORT INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM: Tired of national pundits who barely know the team? With a premium membership, you’re supporting dedicated local writers and analysts who need your support. Thanks to premium member support, site’s provide original scoops and analysis without resorting to clickbait or recycling other people’s work. We pride ourselves on doing real on-the-ground journalism for the Vikings. We cherish and need your support! 

* LEVELS OF MEMBERSHIP: You can sign up for monthly, six-month and annual memberships, with annual members getting their videos ad-free.


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